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Spanish Moss


Who is to say what is "normal"?

It is a failure of our media outlets when they attempt to make "normal" that which is not.

Who determines what is "normal"?

For example, Americans, as a society, had come to expect that Presidents would make their tax returns public, when running for the highest office in the land. We, as a people, need to know what business the President is involved with, and who he may be doing business with? That was "normal".

Americans had come to expect that they would know the basic health conditions of their President. A credible medical examiner would file a report. It is important that the President be healthy, both mentally and physically. That has been the "normal".

When the media outlets ignore such "norms", they are failing the public. There is one specific media organization that totally ignored the "norms". All of us know who that is?

Just saw a disturbing report on CNN about mail-in ballots.

They were reporting on the number of mail-in ballots that were disqualified because of "different" or "no signature". Almost 2% of all ballots mailed in by African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Asian-Americans were disqualified for lack of proper signature. That is a huge amount of votes!

That could mean the difference between victory and defeat in the election.

Wish You Were Here

Don't Bogart That Joint, My Friend

What's the best way to watch a Trump parade?

"I didn't want to cause a panic.." (cartoon)

Dannehy Resignation Confirms Barr's Intent to Use Durham Probe for Political Ends


On Friday, the Hartford Courant reported that Assistant United States Attorney Nora Dannehy had resigned in protest from the Department of Justice’s inquiry into the origins of the Russia probe. An experienced, by-the-book prosecutor, her presence on the team was a salve to institutionalists who worried that Attorney General William Barr was conducting a sham investigation designed to bolster Donald Trump’s presidency. Her involvement gave the endeavor a veneer of legitimacy. That is now gone.

Barr’s announcement that he had started an examination into the origins of the Russia inquiry was suspect from the start. Barr had come to his position deeply skeptical of the investigation overseen by former FBI Director Robert Mueller. His decision to formally review the origins of the Russia probe was unusual; the DOJ has an internal investigator, the inspector general, who was already examining whether any misconduct led to the start of the Mueller probe into the Trump campaign. Barr’s decision to order an additional inquiry was duplicative – and concerning.

However, Barr’s choice to appoint John Durham to spearhead the investigation signaled legitimacy. Whereas many U.S. Attorneys are political partisans who come to their presidential appointments from jobs in the private sector, Durham was elevated to his position directly from the civil service ranks. He is a 30-year DOJ veteran and has served faithfully under Republican and Democratic presidents alike. When the U.S. Attorney had to recuse himself from the investigation into Connecticut’s Republican governor, John Rowland, Durham replaced him and authorized the then-governor’s indictment. He carried out special inquiries on behalf of Democratic attorneys general like Janet Reno and Eric Holder. Durham is so circumspect about his politics, that the screening team that eventually recommended him for his position had to ask if he was, in fact, a Republican.

"Many people say"..."I have heard"... "But what about..." are phrases of disinformation.

They are used by Donald Trump all of the time.

Coincidentally, they are also used by Vladimir Putin all the time.

Unfortunately, the press does not follow up with "who are these people saying this"?

When he says, "I have heard that Joe Biden is on drugs", nobody asks him, "where have you heard this"?

And when he diverts attention away from legitimate questions with the old standby, "But what about what Obama and Biden did...", nobody asks, "What exactly did they do?"

The press has failed in this campaign of disinformation by the Trump regime.
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