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"You were expecting someone else?"

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place


The Great Mideast Peace Deal between Israel, U.A.E., and Bahrain

It really is nothing more than a deal between Trump and Netanyahu to help Trump with the election. BeBe wants to pay his pal back for moving the capital to Jerusalem. They were not "warring" parties, as were Egypt and Israel before the Camp David Accord.

Bahrain is a large US Navy base. The UAE is a wealthy country with close ties to Saudi Arabia and the Crown Prince, the Butcher, and is best buds with Kushner and Trump. They have been promised several new F-35's to make the deal.

It's not really much more than that, from my perspective.

Questions from the future?

Why did they let it happen?

Why did the Congress do nothing? Why were they unable to communicate with each other as our country disintegrated?

Why did they ignore all the stark facts right in front of their noses? How could they overlook the mental illness, the racism, the dangerous division, the xenophobia, the criminality, the total unfitness for office?

Why did they do nothing to stop it? Why were they always waiting on the "next election" to provide answers? They were put in office to represent the people all the time, not just after the "next election".

How could the Congress go for months and years and not talk to each other?

How could they be so incompetent and neglectful of our Constitution?

A fire in California - it explodes


Kissimmee Kid

Trump's indoor rally last night was his way of "downplaying the pandemic".

He was doubling down on Bob Woodward's book. In his interview, he told Woodward he liked to downplay it, even though he knew it was "deadly".

It may have been reckless, but it was not a big gamble. The number of Covid-19 cases in that area was not high. Nationwide the numbers are going down. Maybe a few people will get sick from the rally but it won't be like New York. But just enough to keep the virus alive After all, Herman Cain got sick at one of his rallies and died, but it did not cause another huge outbreak.

The majority of the country is now aware of how to protect themselves. Unfortunately, some will continue to get sick and die because of events like the Sturgis Bike Rally and the Trump rally last night. Just enough to keep it going.

It is noteworthy that our neighbor, Canada, had zero cases yesterday.

Ideally, Biden would have more votes than Trump on Election night...

...rather than waiting for the mail-in ballots.

That would take away his strategy of declaring victory the night of the election.

Perhaps more Democrats should be encouraged to vote in person?

Something happening here...


What do you say?

How do you counter such fear and paranoia?

Joe Biden is not going to count the votes. The vote totals will be validated every step of the way by Republicans and Democrats. That's the way a democracy works.

It would be nice if we could live in a less divisive and inflammatory world.
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