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"Just think, if all my people vote twice, I will win in yuge landslide..."

The Lonesome River

Mnuchin said there were 14.3 million people unemployed...

...at his hearing a couple of days ago.

A Congressman was questioning him and had a graph that showed over 27 million people were unemployed as of August 8th?

That was quite a discrepancy but Mnuchin did not correct him.

My read was that the Administration was hoping to claim lower numbers unemployed so that the unemployment rate would be in single digits by election day? They would like to claim that the economy is recovering rapidly and that the growth next year will be "incredible".

What they don't say is that instead of an incredible recovery, the odds are that we are heading toward a severe recession or depression. It is very doubtful that whomever is in the White House next year will be governing over a rosy economy.

This lawlessness cannot be swept under the rug if the Democrats win.

It cannot be done as it has been done in the past.

The people, and our democracy, demand that the facts and the truth be brought forward.

That does not mean that Joe Biden must be personally involved in the investigation. He could state that the Justice Department is handling it.

Naturally, Republicans will scream to high heaven. But, what's new?

In my opinion, there should be a "bi-partisan" Commission appointed to get to the truth. They would work with the FBI to ascertain the facts. There should be no public statements until their work is completed.

The point is that these criminals that have brought our country to its knees, spread fear and anxiety, as they attacked the foundations of our Constitution, must be held accountable. They cannot be permitted to escape justice.

The people deserve to know the truth and the Democratic Party cannot permit it to pass in the name of "bringing the nation together". That is not acceptable.

Herr Leader is like a cornered rat.

He knows he cannot win unless he steals it. If he has to lie and cheat to do so, no problem.

He cannot fathom facing the legal questions around his businesses and his family. He has no choice but to try and steal the election. Losing is not an option.

God forbid that he have to face justice.

Anybody else tired of all the polls?

How much do they really tell us? They are a snapshot in time, but that is about it.

One candidate is trying to divide our country and tear it apart and another candidate is trying to bring us together and unite the country. Which one is best for the country? That is the most basic question facing the voters in November.

I don't know what role or what impact the polls have on the process? What is their worth?

They do get a little tiresome.

East Virginia Blues

The lust for power is stronger than the love for country.

We now see that there is no threshold to what the Republicans are willing to accept in order to keep their seats in the House of Lords.

They preach patriotism. They wave their flags and curse those that would kneel during the national anthem. They pat their hearts as they loudly recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

But, they don't really love this country.

They love the power and what they can steal from the people.

Whatever they are, they are not patriots.

America sat on a wall - America had a great fall

America broke into many pieces -

All the King's horses and all the King's men-

Stepped on the broken souls as patriots fought to put it back together -

As they patiently waited for that magic day when there would be a new King-

And the lies and chaos would cease.

The Great Pretender

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