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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Trump can dish it out but he has a glass jaw.

He can't take a punch.

His first impulse is to start calling names. He is almost childish in his behavior.

He's having a tough time handling this controversy about his "nicknames" for our military. He says nobody has done more than he for the military. He talks about the military budget as proof. His "care for the military" is only measured in dollars. He doesn't want to see them if they have had body parts blown off for our country.

Should Nancy call all the Democrats back to Washington?

Or continue to let them campaign in their masks? People want to keep their seats.

In my opinion, they should be back in Washington. If for nothing else, to develop a strategy for the upcoming election. They should develop plans for post-election.

She should get a caucus vote to see how many of her members would be willing to vote for a second impeachment?

What should they do if they strengthen control in the House and take control of the US Senate? But, Donald Trump steals another election?

Mr. Bojangles

Professor Longhair - Misery

Tell me again...Why is he still there?

Will the entire country, with the exception of the US Senate, rue the day they never got rid of him when they had the chance?

Will the US House regret that they did not impeach him a second time and give the Republicans one last chance to redeem themselves? Just to have it on record but not expecting them to disavow the cult.

Each day seems like there is more chaos and confusion than the day before. Surrounded by distractions.

Americans, Democrats and Republicans et al, should be preparing for safe elections on Election Day. It is not only Trump vs Biden on the ballots. It is also Democracy vs Fascism.

Local political leaders should begin to organize the precincts with adequate poll workers beginning immediately, in my opinion.

All along, we never thought that the very act of voting would be challenged. But now, it seems to be?

"Country Boy Rock 'n' Roll"

Never, ever, ever, ever trust a liar.

It has been documented that Donald Trump has lied over 20,000 times. He lies like he breathes. No one can keep up with all of his lies. It's unnatural, unhealthy and a danger to us all.

Why Trump hates mail-in ballots?

Because he cannot manipulate them and they make it easier for voters to cast their votes. Traditionally, Republicans have been easier to inspire to go to the polls.

Although he has attempted to slow down the Postal Service and the delivery of mail-in ballots, that alone does not stop the people from voting. They may not be counted on November 3rd, but they will be counted. And that scares the crap out of him, because he cannot control it.

He believes he can minimize the number of Democratic voters that vote in person, by fear tactics and intimidation. It doesn't work with the mail-in ballots although he is doing his damnedest to screw it up.

Two months out, Trump is in panic mode.

The only thing that matters is winning.

It is OK to lie, cheat, or steal, if the final result is a "win".

Everyone else is a "loser".

He projects onto the American voters the idea that it is OK to vote twice, because he would have no problem with it.

No one should be surprised with the tricks he will pull out of his ass between now and November 3rd.

The more he gets behind, the more desperate he becomes.

Trump has no plan...Republicans have no platform.

All they have is personal attacks and name-calling and continued lying.

Their goal is to tear down their opponent so they can fight on a level playing field.

They want reality TV. They want jokes and entertainment.

It is a disgrace what they have done to our country.
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