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The extremes the Republicans will go to cover for this criminal is unbelievable

The lies and deception are off the charts.

Every single one should be in jail.

Interesting numbers from Marist Poll in PA

Kornacki just went over the numbers on MSNBC:

In 2016, Trump tied with Hillary with white voters with college degree.

With non-college degree white voters, Trump won by 32%!

In 2020, Trump is behind Biden by 25% with white voters with college degree.

With non-college degree white voters, Trump wins 22%, instead of the 32% as in 2016.

He also said that white voters make up 80% of the voters in PA.

From a distance, that looks like an ass-kicking, at this moment in time.

Trump advising his followers to commit a felony and nobody talks about it?

In NC last night, Trump, once again, urged his supporters to vote twice on Election Day. That is a felony and the Republican leaders say nothing about it.

It is surely an impeachable offense, since he is doing it, knowing that it is against the law.

Should they wait until he has lost the next election to do anything about it? Sometime between November 3rd and January 20th might be a good time to address it, especially if the Republicans are defeated by huge numbers?

Harper Valley PTA

Did anyone watch the Michael Cohen interview??

I thought it was fascinating.

He was ready to spill the beans. I thought he was very believable. Rachel kept saying, "I didn't know that". He said that Trump did not think he was going to win. I have long thought that he was running for another reason than just to win the race. There were other benefits for him.

He enjoyed telling the story about going to an auction to purchase a large painting of Donald Trump and Trump wanted to make sure the bid was sufficiently high. And paid for it with funds from the Trump Foundation. And that was one of the reasons the Foundation was ordered to be dissolved.

Although Cohen had been a two-bit Mafia-wannabe, there were things he could not say on television or in a book, in my opinion. He may have put himself in some sort of criminal jeopardy, if he had done so.

But, in my opinion, he gave a very credible presentation of the real Donald Trump. A petty man with no empathy, who wanted to be an autocrat, and was intoxicated by the power of the Presidency.

The part about Sean Hannity was very interesting. I wonder what his fellow FOXNEWSers think of him?

Respect Yourself

Character is all.

Primitive rock & roll

He did a lot of songs from African-American blues and boogie entertainers.

Third-Rate Romance

The state of our democracy?

Is our democracy alive and flourishing?

Through all the attacks and assaults upon our freedoms and our institutions, we were assured that we would always have the votes to change everything in the next election. The right to vote was our saving grace.

But now, doubt has been cast upon the most basic right in a democracy, the right to vote.

People are not sure if their votes will be counted. Maybe the Post Office will be sabotaged? Maybe the in-person voting will be suppressed?

Maybe none of this will happen? But just the idea that our right to vote is being challenged is disturbing to many citizens.

How would you rate the present state of our democracy?
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