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Used Cars

With A Little Help From My Friends

Voting by mail more secure than voting in person?

With a mail-in ballot, there is a paper record. Not only is there a signature required, there is a traceable barcode, also.

Anyone with a criminal mind can always find ways to trick the system if they are so inclined. But, past records show there has been very little fraud with the mail-in system. When there is fraud, it is much easier to track and locate.

Donald Trump wants the people to believe that it is OK if he votes by mail but it is not OK for you to vote by mail? The fact of the matter is, if it is good enough for Donald Trump, it is good enough for you and me.

The real picture:

170,000 dead from the Covid-19 pandemic.

At least 17 million unemployed.

Long food lines in Texas attempting to get something to eat.

The country divided unlike any other time in our lifetimes.

Racial strife in our cities due to police brutality and economic conditions.

Suppression of the vote and stifling the USPS, in order to try and steal an election.

Lies, lies, and more lies, as the people struggle to find the truth.

Partisan anger and hatred as our country drifts aimlessly without leadership.

Yes, Donald Trump is doing an "incredible" job.

GOP guests on talk shows this morning criticizing Democrats for not being on the shows.

It seemed incongruous with previous charges of "fake news" that they would criticize Democrats for not being on the news shows?

Does the GOP think they are now legitimate news sources or do they think they are "fake"?

Can't they make up their minds?

The same with President Ass-0. He is constant criticizing the "fake news" as he goes on the "fake news" stations and spouts his propaganda almost every day. He hates them for reporting facts but he loves them for reporting his lies and propaganda.

Can Republicans not see the contradiction?

Bluegrass Gospel

Bad Moon Rising

The Pretender

He calls them "Fake News".

Yet everyday, he is in front of them saying whatever he wants to say. A free rein to spread whatever lies and propaganda he wishes to spout. The obedient reporters are willing to do as they are told. That is part of their job.

The lies have flooded our land - thru the Social Media, thru talk radio, thru cable television, etc.

As if there could be no consequences?

It is the lies that are so dangerous. They are the seeds to chaos and confusion.

The reporters should go on strike and not even show up for his next press conference?

Or send just 2 or 3 reporters to cover for the pool?

Who is the leader of the White House Press Corps?


That was why it was so shocking to see the reporter from the Huffington Post. He broached the subject of "lies". That seemed so unusual!


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