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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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How we got to this point?

It did not happen overnight. It did not begin with Donald Trump, although it may end with him?

How did we get to the point where incompetence and ignorance are celebrated and promoted to the highest offices in the land?

How did we get to the point where minds were turned to mush?

We need to go back about three decades. When the Fairness Doctrine was overturned and right-wing political opportunists created a goldmine in talk radio. They could tear down their opponents, lie to their hearts content, and not have to be called out on it. In my opinion, that was the beginning. They chose Rush Limbaugh to sell their "product" and they rewarded him handsomely.

Those that did not believe like them, especially "liberals", were vilified and mocked until they were almost non-human. They were alien to America. They were to be hated and despised. Years and years of this hatred spewing from the radios finally was rewarded with the presidency of Donald Trump.

Now, we have a fat, incompetent slob sitting in the White House, tweeting out racist hatred and lies to his congregation of followers. They are all criminally-minded. They look for ways to lie, cheat, and steal at every opportunity.

The rest of America is ridden with anxiety about whether they will be able to vote or to have their votes counted in the next election. They worry about the oncoming dictatorship.

Back Home Again

Hey Joe (Live)

I turned over to FOX to see if they were carrying the Democratic Convention...

On MSNBC, they were broadcasting live comments about the life of Joe Biden, just before Jill Biden was to make her speech.

But FOX had the proceeding in part of the screen, with Karl Rove talking about the deficiencies of the Democrats on the other half of the screen. Anything that their audience might be acceptable to watching, they did not want them to see. They talked over it.

Somebody made the decision to use Karl Rove in strategic places to discount the Democratic Party. Of course, that is nothing new.

I just hope the other networks give Donald Trump equal treatment when their convention is going on?

Can't FOX be "fair and balanced" just one time?

Can you remember how terrible everything was before Trump became President?

Neither can I.

But, to listen to Donald Trump, everything is the "greatest" it has ever been.

If you believe that we are better off now than 4 years ago, you are not in touch with reality, in my opinion.

If you believe things will not get worse, you probably need someone to help tie your shoes?

If this feels like victory, then you must be very tired of winning?

You haven't seen anything yet.

Prepare yourself for the karma.

Is it probable that Putin is instructing Trump on how to sabotage the election ??

Most Russian experts will tell us that Mr Putin is very talented at tearing down democracies.

To think that our Intelligence listened into all calls of our Presidents, with foreign leaders, until Donald Trump, and that he has made at least a half-dozen calls to Mr Putin and nobody in our government knows what they talked about? And it is reported that he wants to meet with Mr Putin in secret sometime before the election. Would this be called a "failure in intelligence" or just the disintegration of the institutions of our government?

Either way, the idea of disrupting our Postal Service - to the degree that it has happened - seems to be the work of some outside source?

With the mail now backed up in a lot of places - mostly because overtime has been prohibited - it may take longer than expected to get back to normal? The workers at the post offices will tell you that they move a billion cards thru the mail at the Christmas holidays. Surely they can move a third of that with the mail-in ballots?

The states and localities should begin addressing the need for polling places, if the mail system does not return to normal, in my opinion. People need to have a backup place to vote if the US Postal System is too damaged. Preparations should begin immediately, in my opinion,
to staff previous polling stations. People in every precinct should have a place to vote, and should be close to their homes. There should be someone to record in a computer file the numbers in their precinct, from the election. Three citizens would count the ballots and agree upon the numbers. There would also be the paper ballot for a trail. There has to be trust in our voting system.

If this is not the end of the dirty tricks from Donny and Vlad, What could they do next?

Why did the Senate Intel Committee decide to release the "Report" at this time?

It is controlled by the Republicans, so it would have been their decision.

Were they afraid that the truth would come out after the election so it was better for them personally and politically to say they released the report before the election because they had nothing to hide? (When in fact, they have been hiding it for 3 years)

What other reason could there have been?

Breadline Blues 1932

A Simple Desultory Philippic

"I wouldn't be here if not for Barack Obama"...

Quote from Herr Leader this morning.

Instead, he said he could be having fun.

Barack Obama is not keeping him from running again? He can resign anytime he wishes.

Barack Obama is not responsible for his insatiable desire for power.
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