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My Grandson's new album out today!

I have to brag. It's hot!

It's on Amazon and Apple and can be heard on Spotify. (New Issue - The Cellar)

Donald Trump is "psychic".

Remember his "American carnage" speech at his Inauguration?

When we look up the definition of "carnage":

noun: carnage

the killing of a large number of people.

Trump was on FOX this morning bragging about all his accomplishments.

My first thought was: "Except for the small incident, Mrs Lincoln, how did you like the play?"

I think it is good to know his talking points about what he thinks he has accomplished in his four years in office.

He was bragging about how he moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem. He said all his critics were saying all the bad things that would happen and "nothing happened".

He was bragging about how America had one of the best economies and China had one of the worst, until the "China virus" hit. Now he has to "build the greatest economy in the world all over again."

He was bragging about how he almost single-handedly defeated ISIS in the Middle East.

And then there was his wall. He was bragging about how they were about to complete 300 new miles of the border wall.

And that was about all I could take. I switched channels.

But he never said anything about how he had weakened our alliances around the world or how he had emboldened Russia at every turn. He never mentioned the campaign information that his campaign manager, Paul Manafort, handed over to a Russian agent before the election in 2016. Even though he did mention that Obama and Biden spied on his campaign. He didn't say how much assistance he got from Russia in 2016 but the evidence from the Senate Intel Committee suggests that it may have been substantial.

Also, he never said anything about his lack of leadership during the pandemic. He never mentioned how he was able to divide the country over something as simple as wearing a mask to protect our fellow Americans. He never mentioned the 175,000 dead Americans from the coronavirus.

Also, he never mentioned the 50 million workers who have filed for unemployment since this pandemic began or the small businesses that have gone under.

He never mentioned the trillions of dollars that were put into the stock market to keep big business afloat.

He had his talking points but he will need to be reminded of the many places he has failed this country. That will be up to Joe and Kamala to remind people.

Wabash Cannonball

From Despair to Hope to Expectations

Many Americans have despaired over the upcoming election. After the wind-up of the Democratic Convention, with the heart-felt speech of Joe Biden, many now have more hope. Some may have even raised their expectations.

The Democrats' Convention was described by some commentators as "building a plane in midair." It was a very adept production, with value and substance. Also, it drew a sharp contrast with the present occupant in the White House.

We assume the Republicans, under the directorship of Donald Trump, have already been working on their Convention. They only have a couple or three days to ready themselves for their presentation. That may not be as easy as some might think? It could be a disaster.

Perhaps they will cut their show into two or three nights? Who will be their speakers? What will be the great accomplishments they wish to talk about that will deserve four more years? How many clowns and conspiracy theorists will be permitted to speak? Will Kanye get to tell us how great Donald Trump is?

My hunch is that it will be very difficult for them to pull off. It will be more of a disaster than a success. But I don't know if that is a "hope" or an "expectation"?

A re-visit to Paul Manafort and the release of the Senate Intel Report.

Paul Manafort was the highest-ranking person in the 2016 Trump campaign, except for Donald Trump himself.

According to the Republican-led Senate Intel Committee, he handed over inside-campaign information to a Russian agent. He was a spy. Do we really need to know more?

Philadelphia Lawyer

"It's called the U.S. Postal Service, not the U.S. Postal Corporation."

I heard someone say that earlier today on TV.

He was making the point that it was there to serve the people, not to be run as a business. It is not there to make a profit for its stockholders.

They need to stop screwing with our postal service.

Why do the reporters not follow up on Trump's lies?

Even if it is the next day?

Because it is the lies that is the cancer that is destroying our country from within. The lies have worn us out.

Even today, he lied about the "criminality" of the Obama White House when asked about the lawlessness in his own White House. As I recall, Obama never had anyone in his White House go to prison or work with spies from Russia.

What about the Russian "hoax". Senators from both Parties said it was not a "hoax" in their report released yesterday. Is that "fake news"?

The press needs to do a better job when given the opportunity to ask questions. They need to address the lies. The lies are killing us.

Birds Of A Feather

They all hang together.

The greedy people, the liars, the con artists, the grifters, the criminally-inclined - they all hang together like a pack of wolves.

Steve Bannon was the latest of the grifters to be busted. He was hanging out with a Chinese media mogul, likely acting as a middle-man for Donald Trump and the Chinese grifter?

We have seen the lies and distractions since Day One. They were all drawn to the Trump Administration, like a strong magnet. None of them could be trusted. They were all greedy. They wanted their share of the spoils.

Many of them have already pled guilty to criminal charges. Many others are still walking around with the clouds of suspicion over ther heads.

Still others pretend to be naive to the company they keep and the type of people they vote for. All of them have one thing in common. They have a deficient character. They are all birds of a feather. It is what it is.

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