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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Five Reasons to Care About the Trump-Putin Attack on Democracy


The evidence is spread across nearly 1,000 pages, proving that Russia, with top Trump henchmen playing right along, sought to spread confusion and distrust among American voters, influence the outcome of the election, and undermine the legitimacy of our democracy. Vladimir Putin, according to the report the same Putin before whom Trump groveled long before he became president even ordered the hacking of Democratic organizations.

And the Russians are up to some of the same tricks in the 2020 election now underway.

The report is indeed long and detailed. Its implications are potent.

A bombshell explodes in our midst and few people seem to notice or care.

It sinks out of sight, and an embattled democracy misses yet another wake-up call.

This time it was a stunning report from the Senate Intelligence Committee. A Republican yes, Republican majority controls the committee, but by a 14-1 bi-partisan vote the Senators agreed that Donald Trump and his allies worked with Russian spies in 2016 in an effort to help Trump win the presidency.

...more at link

Will Donald Trump say anything about the shooting of Jacob Blake?

Three members of his family are speaking tonight. Will they mention it?

Will any of the Republican speakers bring it up tonight?

Knowing Trump, he will only bring it up if he is persuaded it is to his political benefit.

At the same time, they want to point their fingers at someone else for the riots and social unrest caused by police brutality. They refuse to look in the mirror.


The Power of Propaganda

It is a powerful tool in the hands of the wrong people. We have seen that throughout history. People follow a cult of personality. He becomes one of them. Day becomes night and black becomes white. They must always have an enemy.

America, unfortunately, is in the midst of one of those times. It's future is unknown. The people's faith has been put into elections and the right to vote. But, even those are now challenged.

Very smart people are susceptible to the right "message". How do we protect ourselves from sophisticated propaganda?

We have to educate ourselves. Not only do we have to know the facts, we have to know which direction they take the people. Are they being led into darkness or into the light? It is a battle we have fought since the beginning of man.

The divide becomes so great that it becomes very difficult to reach a compromise.

It seems to me that there is presently an assault upon the truth. In my opinion, this must determine which side we stand?

The Party of No Responsibility

"I take no responsibility", Donald Trump once said.

The Republican Party has become the Party of No Responsibility. Already, the Republican National Convention is looking like the Trump National Convention. They can't even take responsibility for their own Convention.

They take no responsibility for the lack of leadership during a pandemic crisis. The majority of them are willing to accept 175,000 deaths from the corona virus.

They are unwilling to take responsibility for the crisis we are now experiencing with our Postal System. If it stops a Democrat from voting, then they are all for it.

They take no responsibility for the social unrest in our streets. It's somebody else's problem. Those are "Democratic" cities. The President has no responsibility to even speak about it. That's the Democrats' problem.

They take no responsibility for the 15 million unemployed, or the homeless, or those standing in bread lines. No, that is somebody else's problem.

Americans are supposed to turn their heads and pretend that someone else is in charge of the White House and the US Senate.

Who is in charge here?

I checked out C-SPAN, MSNBC, FOXNews, and CNN...

Guess which one was not broadcasting President Asshole?

The winner today is CNN.

Look at this beauty!

Look at the size of that engine!

When it was running, it was the best car on the road.

Now, it burns a lot of oil and is not very reliable.

But look at those beautiful hubcaps! They are incredible!

You definitely want to buy this car!

Yeah, the muffler is very loud, but that can be fixed.

The Democrats want you to believe this fine car is a lemon.

But, look at that wax job!

In four more years, it will be running like new.

Have we got a deal for you!

Going Across the Mountain

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