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Should Joe Biden give a speech on the civil unrest and rioting in our cities?

Could he draw a contrast with the guy in the White House who has said nothing productive to resolve the problems?

Could he state the difference between "peaceful protests" and rioting, looting, and destruction of private property?

Could he inform the citizens of this country about the systemic racism in many police departments and the need for police reforms?

Could he inform the citizens of this country that police brutality against any of our citizens must end? We must have equal justice under the law.

Would it look presidential for him to give such a speech? Or would it be too much of a political gamble to take?

This was down the page on a Tweet...

Will the voters "evict" Donald Trump from our White House on November 3rd?

Will he wait for the Supreme Court to tell him he has been "evicted" before he moves out?

Polite people may call it a "referendum" on Trump. More impolite folks might say they are going to "evict" his ass.

He doesn't seem to understand that the White House belongs to all of us? Democrats, Republicans, and all others. He has insulted the entire nation. His audience was nothing but complicit with the crime.

It is time for him to move out of the "People's House". He has disrespected the entire nation.

The Hand Jive

I'm So Tired

Anybody remember the election of 1972?

Nixon vs McGovern.

Why did McGovern lose to Nixon by such a huge majority?

Four years later, Jimmy Carter defeated Gerald Ford.

We have to believe...

...that the American people will throw this scoundrel out of office in a resounding way on November 3rd.

He does not represent America in any way. He has a cult following. That is all.

Republicans are joining Democrats to vote against him.

He is a scourge that must be discarded like the trash that he is.

I cannot believe any other way.

I believe Americans will stand up for this country in a big way on November 3rd.

Violence begets Violence

Since the day he rode down the golden escalator, Donald Trump has sought to divide this nation and to fan the flames of violence. On his very first day, he was calling people rapists and murderers.

Since the days he was campaigning and encouraging his supporters to violence against anybody that might protest. Who can forget one of his people coming out of the aisle at one of his rallies to slug a young protester that was being escorted out of the rally by his security? It wasn't long until there were no protesters inside his rallies. He promised to pay the fines for anyone arrested for beating the hell out of them.

He has sought to divide and to provoke violence since Day One. We now see the culmination of his words and actions, just a couple of months before the next election.

Americans really need no more proof than what they witnessed last night with his audience at his speech. Over a thousand people sat neatly packed, without masks, as he rambled on like a dictator celebrating some great victory. But, what they really showed the American people was that they do not care. They do not think of their fellow man. With over 180,000 people dead, they still want to believe it is a "hoax". Because that is what their Leader wants them to believe.

Finally, we see the violence in the streets. We see young people protesting, sometimes with burning and looting, because of the violence against young black men. Trump supporters recoil at the BLM signs and marches. All the time, Donald Trump has only fanned the flames. He believes with a strong-enough police and military action, he can bring the protests to an end. That is his only solution. He has offered no words to calm the situation and has offered no reforms for police brutality. He has failed miserably.

Now, we have a young, white teenager, walking down the middle of a street with an AR-15, shooting people at random. This is the culmination of 4 years of Donald Trump's division and violent language. We can only expect more violence. That is the reality we must confront today.

It's scary as hell !

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Mike Pence, and other speakers at this weeks Trump National Convention, have warned Americans about the "socialism" that will surely take over our country if Joe Biden is elected President. There will be anarchy and chaos in the streets. People should be very scared !

But, how can it get any scarier than what we are experiencing at this very moment? We are in the midst of a global pandemic and Donald Trump has called it a hoax and downplayed it since the day the first person died from it. While the doctors and scientists were telling people to wear masks and keep their social distance, Trump refused to wear a mask and stated that it was up to the individual.

On top of all the lies and the attacks upon our institutions and our democracy, and his close affinity to dictators around the world, along with his threats to not recognize the results of the next election, unless he is the winner, America has plenty of reasons to be scared.

But it is not only his incompetence in dealing with the corona virus, it is also an economy that has lost about 30 million jobs. Some of them will likely never return. People are fearful for their future.

Then, on top of it all, we have the social unrest in the streets. All Donald Trump can do is threaten protestors and blame it on "Democratic" cities with Democratic leaders. Not one time has he tried to calm the situation or to offer reforms against police brutality. At every chance, he throws gasoline on the fire. He embraces the violence. He thinks it will help him win the next election.

People should be scared. But not of Joe Biden. They should be scared that Donald Trump will steal another election.

Vigilantes and outside agitators

How much have they been involved in the protests and the violence?

Are we to believe that the young man standing in the middle of the street in Kenosha, shooting his AR-15, was the first and only incident from outside agitators?

The right-wing propagandists would like America to believe it is the Black Lives Matter and peaceful protestors causing all the violence and destruction. I do not believe that is the case.

I believe there have been paid outside agitators from the beginning, especially in the city of Portland.

Or are we to believe that Donald Trump and his dirty tricksters would not resort to infiltrating the legitimate protests? That would be very naive, in my opinion.

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