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Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed

Trump's strategy is very simple.

Tear down Biden.

We have seen him in the last couple of days blasting Biden for trying to "hurt God". He included Guns and Big Oil in his attacks, along with God, as if they are all one and the same?

He wants to tear down Biden, just like he tore down Hillary. With personal attacks, innuendo, charges of crimes, etc. That's all he knows.

Shine On Harvest Moon

A Sad and Tragic Story:

How a Political Party Betrayed Our Country?

They knew from the beginning.

They knew when Michael Flynn was caught conspiring with the Russians on the phone, and then lied about it.

They knew when they appointed a Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, to investigate the Russian "questions".

They knew then and they know now.

It's time for the People to know.

Chevy Van

It's time for Republicans to cut the bullshit about the FISA warrants.

Pretending that the cops are at fault for intercepting a phone call that strongly indicated a bank robbery was about to happen. These assholes want people to believe that the cops had no right to listen in on a highly suspect phone call that was deemed a threat to our national security, and the suspect lied to the FBI. Then he admitted the lie.

It is all a distraction that subtracts from reality.

2750 Tons of Explosives (and fertilizer) in One Location

Naturally, conspiracy theories would abound.

Why would such a huge amount of explosives be stored in only one place?

It was no surprise that the first person to come forward with his opinion that it was an attack was Donald Trump. Who told him? Why would he make such a dangerous statement?

The first impulse in the Middle East is to blame Israel. In turn, some would say that it was a storage compound for truck bombs across the area. The ship that unloaded the last shipment was reportedly Russian.

There are enough conspiracy theories to go around.

In your opinion, where are we in this pandemic?

Still in the beginning?

Or in the middle?

Or near the end?

Does anyone really know?

Is Trump attempting to sabotage the Republican Convention ??

Some say he is already attempting to sabotage the USPS, the Census, and the next election, but ask why he would attempt to sabotage the Republican Convention?

At first, their Convention was going to be in Charlotte, NC but Trump did not like the rules the Governor of NC was setting down. So, he requested they move it to more friendly confines in Jacksonville, FL. But now, he is requesting that they have it on the lawn in front of the White House. Why?

Could it be that he does not want to gamble with the possibility of something like that which happened in their Convention in 1976, when Ronald Reagan was nominated to challenge Gerald Ford for the nomination? Perhaps he would like to remove all risks from his nomination?

Just a thought.
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