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Every time they attack Kamala Harris, it makes her stronger.

It shows how much they fear her.

She doesn't take kindly to liars and bullshitters. And she is not afraid to tell them to their faces.

Before the week is over, she will be called "worse than AOC". The cult will follow their leader and begin the attacks.

It doesn't matter. It shows their weakness and her strength.

She will slap them back into yesterday.

Gleanings From Sturgis

Tens of thousands of bikers descended on Sturgis, SD, a few days ago. They were expecting as many as 250,000 bikers but the virus may have cut the number down somewhat? Nevertheless, it was a huge number of people from all over the country. They came from almost every state in the union.

In four to six weeks, we should know a lot more about this virus. That will be enough time for the virus to spread all over the country. We should keep a close watch on the number of cases and deaths.

Coupled with school openings, we should get a general idea of just where this Covid-19 is in our country? Speaking for myself, if the numbers go down in the next few weeks, we should feel somewhat safer in opening up restaurants and businesses.

By the end of September, we should be doing much better or much worse.

This is just my opinion.

How tough is Kamala Harris.... ask Bill Barr?

I think she scares the crap out of them!

San Antonio Rose

Donald Trump must have thought very highly of Kamala Harris... he donated to her campaign twice.

Now, we can expect him to attack her at every chance.

But, we know he is not honest or sincere. His criticism carries no weight. He would stab his own mother in the back if he thought she was a threat to him keeping power.

He is a two-faced, lying low-life.

Only an idiot would believe this liar.


Would you take a coronavirus vaccine produced in Russia?

Any moment now, we are likely to hear Donald Trump announce that he has made an agreement with Vladimir Putin to buy 300,000,000 doses of the vaccine from his good friend, Putin. After all, no one has been tougher on Vladimir Putin than Donald Trump.

This would be a re-run of the hydroxychloroquine stockpile of a few months ago. Who knows who made the money off that deal?

Do not be surprised.

Rachel Maddow's thought-provoking comment on "Autocrats".

She said that once autocrats get in power, they use that power to remain in power.

That is exactly what Donald Trump has done since his first day in office. Hiring Generals for positions that could control the populace, and firing them if they were not to his liking. He did the same with the institutions of government. At the State Department, at Homeland Security, at National Security, and numerous Departments in our government, sycophants were put in place to do his bidding. He did it quickly and effectively, just like an autocrat.

Fishin' Blues

His first big lie was that he was a "conservative".

He's no conservative.

He does shit to keep enough conservatives believing he is conservative. Just as the crap he does with the Bible and religion (and God), to keep the Evangelicals happy.

He has already spent more money than any President in history. The Fed Chairman said the government would spent whatever it took to keep the stock market up. It looks like about $6 trillion should do the trick?

But, they are part of his base and he understands that he can blow smoke up their asses all day long.

It is a tragedy, the way the Republicans in Washington have fallen for it. If they lose in a landslide, Trump will just point at them and say "Suck-er-r-rs!"

He will say that it was his plan all along. To destroy the Republican Party and that is why they are so unpopular. Check his record. He has given more $$ to Democrats than to Republicans. He will take credit for the Democratic victory.

That the way he lies...er...I mean, rolls.
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