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The silence of Republicans is sickening and heartbreaking.

Do they really know what they are doing?

Are they really OK with destroying the Social Security system? Just yesterday, Trump said he wanted to make payroll tax cuts permanent. Do they know that would be the end of Social Security and Medicare?

Are they really OK with the destruction of our democracy and our institutions? Do they truly believe they will escape the violence and chaos if the authoritarians win?

Do they really think they are "winning"?

Has our nation ever been so threatened as it is today?

Has the right to vote ever been threatened as much as today? Even during the Civil War?

Have we ever been threatened from within, to this degree?

It is difficult not to despair from the lack of leadership and the division in which we are engulfed.

All of our eggs have been put into one basket, the election in November. But we have doubts that even that will be done competently.

These are the times that try men's souls.

I am so angry and disappointed by the Congress, especially the Senate, for their impotency.

They all decided to leave town yesterday and go home.

They have known from day one what they are dealing with and they did nothing. They went to their partisan corners and assumed their defensive positions.

None is more impotent than Mitch McConnell. History will record that he is a traitor even worse than Benedict Arnold. He has been complicit with Trump every step of the way.

And all the Republicans are guilty for their silence and complicity.

I can never forgive what they are about to do to this country and what they have already done.

It is sad.


How High's the Water, Mama?

Lead Belly - "Hitler Song (Mr. Hitler)"

Spanish Caravan

Would Adam Schiff be a better Senator or a better Attorney General.

He is probably near the top of the list when the Governor of California chooses a new Senator to replace Kamala in a few days? (Katie Porter has also been mentioned)

But, in my opinion, with the knowledge that he already possesses, he would be a great candidate for Attorney General for the United States. He could recruit the FBI to get to the bottom of the Russia "hoax" and find out exactly how deep is the threat to our national security. He has the incentive to do the job. I think he would enjoy it.

Only a criminal mind...

...would think of sabotaging the USPS, in order to prevent the counting of votes in the most efficient and orderly manner, just so he could claim the election was fixed, and that he was ahead until they took so long counting the mail-in ballots.

The average, healthy person does not think like that.

Only a criminal mind would plan ahead to the point of hiring a new Postmaster General for the purpose of sabotaging the next election, so he can either claim victory or claim that he was cheated out of the election.

Only a sick, criminal mind would exploit it by manipulating his supporters and telling them that they are being robbed by their enemies.

It is not being a "smart politician". It is being a criminal.

It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding )

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