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Are you one of those folks that believe the economy will be all right as soon as Biden takes office? That all the problems we are now facing will be fixed? It may be just the opposite?

Listening to NPR yesterday morning, they were discussing the health of the airline industry in Denver and other places. More specifically, they were discussing Delta and United airlines. Both were hemorrhaging jobs and profits. One expected to have lay-off in the tens of thousands. They had lost up to 90% of their business.

If this is any indication of the economy in the near future, it does not look good for the next President, in regards to turning around a devastated economy. We haven't seen anything yet.

The questions that will be asked?

How did they let it happen?

Why did they do nothing to stop it?

Why were there so few with so little courage?

Why did they let our country be driven into bankruptcy?

Why did they let them fire all the oversight and rob our Treasury?

Did they think America was indestructible?

Speed Kills!

People cannot be forced to wear masks.

If you see someone coming down the street without a mask and you feel they might be a threat to you, go to the other side of the street. The next Civil War should not be fought over whether or not to wear a mask.

The thing is that if Donald Trump had come out in the beginning of this health crisis and encouraged people to wear masks, almost everyone would be wearing masks. The problem is with the lack of leadership. It is a dangerous deficit.

One side cannot coerce the other side to do what they want. People rebel at such thoughts. So put them in jail? Fine them? Beat them to a pulp until they cooperate?

Dear Abby

Red Rockin' Chair

Trump is desperate to blame the coronavirus on someone.

At the present time, it is Dr Anthony Fauci. His attempt to blame China is not working that well. He prefers to blame a specific individual. Dr Fauci is the chosen target.

Unfortunately, Dr Fauci is highly rated in all the polls. It just doesn't compute when the world's biggest liar accuses Dr Fauci of "lying".

The truth of the matter is that Dr Fauci's "misstatements" were comments that he made with the information on hand at the time. When the facts changed, Dr Fauci followed the facts. Donald Trump did not.

The liar is desperate and people see thru him.

It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry

My Bucket's Got A Hole In It

Ohio Army veteran who refused to wear face mask dies of COVID-19

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