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I think if you were a Trump supporter, you loved the FOX interview.

We see the incompetence and racism. They see him talking about "freedom" and mocking Biden by saying, "Mommy, come and get me", etc. They see him fighting violence and anarchy in a strong presidential way. We see fascist police tactics of a dictator.

In my opinion, Trump did very well with his base, and that is why the interview was successful for him.

Wallace did very well with most of the questions he asked. It was the ones he didn't ask that were problematic. For example, near the end of the interview, after he showed Trump what a great job he did against James Comey, Trump went into his spiel about how Obama, Comey, the "lovers", et al should all be in prison for spying on his campaign. The followup should have been about Roger Stone and Wikileaks spying and stealing emails from the Clinton campaign.

Instead, we got, "Thank you, Mr President."

Law and Order narrative being played out in Portland

Confusion and Chaos = Control

Trump has decided that fear is the only issue that can defeat the negatives of the pandemic.

What is going on in Portland is a political strategy.

Obviously, the "Libs" are unable to control the violence. The country needs a "law and order" President. That is the narrative they wish to create.

We should watch carefully the public reactions in the next few days.

"The Bourgeois Blues"

I'd Love To Change The World

In 19 1/2 years in Vietnam, we lost a reported 58,225 lives.

It was one of the great tragedies of this nation.

In four months of this corona pandemic, we have lost a reported 140,000 lives.

We cannot let these lives become just a number. We must try to keep it in perspective.

We do not know where or when it is going to end?

There is nothing "normal" about what McConnell and Republicans are willing to accept....

They want Republican voters to believe that the racism, the hatred, the division, the outright insanity, is just another mainstream political position. It is not. It is a sickness. It is harmful and dangerous to us all, just as much, or moreso, than the coronavirus infecting our land.

When they are silent about the racism and hatred that comes from the mouth of Donald Trump, they are complicit. They also, are hateful racists. They cannot continue to pretend that they are somehow different from the views of their Leader. They are the same.

They are well beyond the point of being ashamed or embarrassed by the words and actions of Donald Trump. They have betrayed the ideals of democracy and our country. They have betrayed themselves.

Is it divisive to inform the people that they are not "normal"? Nothing about them is "normal". They have self-exiled from our society.

Mardi Gras In New Orleans

Seven Bridges Road

Jeff Sessions is living proof that everything Trump touches dies....

At one time, he had a guaranteed seat in the US Senate for as long as he lived. He had seniority and was on the prestigious Senate Judiciary Committee.

He knew he could never be President so his dream was to be the Attorney General of the United States. Enter Donald J Trump.

He was the first Senator to brandish his MAGA hat and Trump named him his Attorney General. But Sessions had been infected by the Senate rules from his long time service on the Judiciary and recused himself from the Russian investigation. This put him on Donald Trump's shit list, where he remained until he was replaced.

Thinking back to his old glory as a US Senator, he decided to run for the Senate in the last election. Trump endorsed his opponent. Sessions lost over-whelmingly.

He is now a dead man politically.

America is exhausted.

We see it everyday in the reports of people losing it over whether or not to wear a mask? They are videotaped in the big stores and markets across America as they empty their frustrations upon those they disagree with. Most of the time, it is those that say they are Trump supporters that are "losing it". They are losing their "freedoms", they say. They refuse to wear a mask.

For too long, they have been faking it. In the polls, they say they still support their President. But, one has to wonder from their actions if they are being totally honest with the pollsters? They are barely holding on to the rope. Their anger and frustration does not bode well for the Republicans in the next election, in my opinion.

The lies, the deceit, the division, the partisanship have all taken a huge toll on the American people. We see it all around us.
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