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Don't call them "coronavirus briefings".

If 90% of the "briefing" is given to Donald Trump to spread lies and political propaganda.

Unless the doctors and the "experts" are given at least half of the time to speak, it should not be called a "coronavirus briefing".

Words matter.

We do not need any more of the "alternate reality". We are already up to our eyeballs with the lies and bullshit.

The violence coming from this WH is more dangerous than the violence coming from the "anarchists"

Violence coming from the more powerful is almost always more dangerous.

This is not to argue that one side is more right or justified than the other. They could both be wrong and dangerous.

I do believe that it is the responsibility of elected officials to keep the streets safe for their citizens, that violence or threats of violence cannot be tolerated. People should not fear anarchists or the police. There is no freedom if there is fear.

We have heard all the arguments. No justice, no peace. They can all be rationalized.

However, we should all understand that the answer is not to send in military-style Federal agents to quell the violence and unrest. There are procedures than can be followed and the WH is not following them. Unfortunately, neither are the elected officials.

The press should not go along with Trump's fake news conferences again.

He stopped the prop-ag/campaign ads, "virus" updates, after he was mocked over the disinfectants and after the weather was warming up in April. He thought he could get back to his rallies.

His first rally was to be in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They got over a million requests for tickets and the Trump campaign bragged all over the place. They did not know they had been played by a bunch of Tik-Tok kids, until only 6000 cultists showed up at his Tulsa event. Trump was pissed off for a week. He demoted Brad Parscale, his campaign manager.

Then there were plans for another huge rally for him in New Hampshire and it was a total bust. The campaign canceled the event, due to the weather, they said. (The weather was good) So now, we are supposed to go back to Trump's propaganda campaign commercials, brought to you by the cable television networks.

Tune in tomorrow.

Republicans should gather and march over to see Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

Just like they gathered to go over and talk with Richard Nixon during Watergate.

They should have the numbers in the Senate to send a message to Donald Trump. Just a simple message. Even that is too much to expect from the Republicans.

But, if the threats about "not leaving" and not respecting the results of the next election are carried thru, they should be ready to pull the trigger immediately to impeach and convict. That is the Republican Party this country needs.

Bright Lights, Big City

Down by the River (2009 Remaster)

Six Days on the Road Dave Dudley

Has anyone received a phone call from University of Chicago about a poll for the CDC ?

...about childhood vaccinations?

I got a call a couple of hours ago from some lady and I don't usually respond but curiosity got the best of me?

I asked her why she was calling about "childhood vaccinations" instead of the coronavirus and she said they did it once a year.

When she found out that there were no children in the house "under 18", she thanked me for my time and ended the call.

Still seems a bit odd?


The question everyone should be asking?

Why did he take a "dementia" test?

I doubt that he did it at the behest of the Democrats?

The people need to know.
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