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Donald Trump is right. The next election will be rigged.

Because he plans on rigging it. Just like he rigged the 2016 election.

When he tells us that the election is going to be "rigged", we should believe him. The Republicans will help him every way they can.

Donald Trump plans on rigging the next election. Do you doubt that?

A Celestial Event


Donald Trump always liked to call himself the "King of Debt".

As President, he has proven it.

First thing he did was get Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to pass a two-trillion dollar tax cut for himself and his rich buddies. Add that to the debt.

The wealthy began immediately to buy back their stock and drive up the stock market.

When the pandemic hit, they threw money everywhere and at everybody. Trump and Mnuchin kept a tidy sum aside to loan to small businesses, to make sure they did not go under. However, most of it went somewhere else. Trump fired his Inspector General so no one would know what happened to the money.

The stock market had dropped like a rock. Even the manipulators of the stock market were panicking. Trump and Mnuchin assured their financier friends on Wall Street that they had money to loan them if they needed to keep their stock prices up. The Dow Jones has gained almost 10,000 points since its huge loss from the pandemic.

How is it possible to have a bad economy with that much money injected into it? This is the "greatest economy ever" that Trump likes to brag about. If not for this huge debt, it is unimaginable where we would be right now.

But we should not be deceived that it was anything other than the debt (taxcuts and government spending) that has kept this economy from going under.

Democrats stand up for teachers, parents, and students.

Democrats support getting the children back to school as soon as is safely possible. They will listen to the health experts, not the political experts, when it comes to the lives of teachers and students, and those that support our public schools.

Democrats do not support sending the kids back to school solely on the opinion of Dr Trump or his political advisers. They strongly oppose any decision to send our children back to school until it is guaranteed safe.

The American people need to understand that the Democratic Party stands with them during this health crisis and will never support putting children and teachers in harms way.

What are the limits of the 1st and 2nd Amendments?

Was it a breach of the 2nd Amendment when Tea Partiers carried semi-automatic weapons into the midst of the Obama rallies? When the gun-rights gang took over the state office building in Frankfort, KY, was that taking the 2nd Amendment farther than it was meant to go?

Now, as protestors try to march peacefully, the anarchists carry lead pipes and throw Molotov cocktails at Federal agents provocateurs. Is painting grafitti and destroying private property taking the 1st Amendment too far?

As I recall, I did not see any Federal agents rush in to arrest and take over the guns of those that march for the 2nd Amendment?

Crossing the Rubicon?

For more than fifty straight weeks, there were protests and violence orientation in the streets of Portland.

Somebody broke the un-aesthetic law and began painting grafitti on the Federal buildings and that gave Barr and Trump the excuse they needed, so they moved in with "Federal agents", dressed in mostly military garb.

(Somebody needs to step in between the protesting citizens and the aggressive agents of the DHS, and possibly others, or it could end less than satisfactorily)

The number of "Federal agents" is limited. No one has identified any active military involved in the action, thus far. The Congress needs to stay atop this situation.

Chad Wolf, who took over the DHS just a few months ago, in November of 2019, has let it be known that they will stand their ground and protect Federal Buildings. There is the eerie sense that they are crossing a point from which they cannot return?

Unfortunately, in this conflict in Portland, there are no adults on either side. Perhaps the Governor, or whomever has the authority, should send in the National Guard to stand between the two conflicting Parties? Would that work? In the meantime, they could order the Federal troops out of their city? (If they need more National Guardsmen, then the persons with authority, could call their fellow Governors, in surrounding states, to supplement the force)

From this perspective, it does look very serious in Portland.

They must work to resolve this situation and not let it deteriorate further, in my opinion.

Could someone persuade me that this is much ado about nothing?

We Reserve The Right to Refuse Service to You

Fox On The Run

"It's going to get worse before it gets better" ?

A quote from Herr Leader today, talking about the virus.

Why would he make such a statement?

As usual, it is the "safest" comment for him to make, in order to protect himself politically in the future.

If it does get a lot worse, he can say, "I told you so".

If the numbers begin to go down and it does not return in the fall, he can say it was due to the "great job that he and his team have done". He is always covering his own big butt.

Months ago, he said it was going to "disappear".

Now, he is saying it will disappear, "eventually".

Now, six months later, he is saying everyone should wear masks. That wasn't always his position.

With God on Our Side

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