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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Is our country presently under attack?

Are enemies of democracy, foreign and domestic, presently working to undermine the institutions of democracy in our country?

Are we so far into the forest that we can no longer see the trees?

Are we too blind to see what is about to happen before the next election? Do we truly believe these "enemies" will permit an orderly election and a peaceful transfer of power in January of 2021?

The confusion and chaos has already begun.

The fear will become magnified in the coming days and weeks.

This is to inform the American people (Democrats, Republicans, and Independents) that it is time to unite against the forces that would tear down this democracy.

It is time to unite or we could possibly lose our democracy. The forces of division are strong. To wait until November will be too late.

What can we do? I do not know.

But, it seems to me that it is up to the elected Representatives of this country to unite in a common purpose of defeating this enemy?

Hey Joe

I saw the coolest thing this morning...

I was up early this morning and went out into the front yard to see if I could see the comet with my bare eyes. My front porch faces the East. As soon as I stepped off my porch and looked north for the Big Dipper and a glance of the Comet Neowise, a meteorite exploded and flamed off to the North. It was startling! I had never seen the moment a meteorite exploded.

Keep on the Sunny Side

A cult so strong it cannot be de-programmed

The entire Republican Party is projecting the ideas and words of Donald J Trump. They believe exactly the opposite of the facts and reporting as we know them. For example, they believe Bill and Hillary Clinton are traitors that have committed crimes against this nation. They believe they have been engaged in money-laundering and sold nuclear materials to Russia so Bill could get a big paycheck for a speech to the Russians. They will never change their minds about the Clintons. They believe Trump is innocent of all the charges that have been made against him. No number of facts or evidence will ever change their minds.

At this time, it is not possible to de-program this cult. They will hold true to their Leader until their death.

My wish is that this election will bury Republicans so deep...

...that they will never raise their ugly, racist heads again during our lifetimes.

They can never get redemption for the suffering they have caused this country.

Republicans are dead to me.

Are the "Federal agents" in Portland actually mercenaries from Erik Prince's secret army?

I thought I had read that somewhere?

That is something the Congress and the people need to know immediately. I doubt that it is any enlisted personnel of the US military.

It is not in the nature of Donald Trump to withdraw those troops. He is more likely to double down.

Did someone give Donald an ultimatum?

That appears to be the case?

He met with Republican leaders about a week ago and it looks like some people are running very scared? They are afraid they are going to be pulled down with Herr Leader. The polls do not look good.

More or less, they told him they are losing because of his low ratings on handling the coronavirus. He needs to make some changes. Oh yeah, it would help if you stopped tweeting, also, they told him.

So, because Herr Leader does not accept losing, he said he would do whatever they said. He would say people need to wear masks. He would say they need to keep social distancing. He would say that he is canceling the Repub Convention in Jacksonville. He would stress that children need to be safe before they go back to school. And he would stop tweeting, if that was what they wanted?

The conversation may have gone further? They may have given him until Labor Day to turn it around? Or they look at nominating someone else at their virtual convention?

Immediately, Trump thought of his attack strategy. He would attack Joe Biden for being senile and having dementia. He would tell people about his dementia test he took a couple of years ago. He said he "aced" it. He remembered "person, woman, man, camera, TV". He was able to repeat them. Instead of making Joe Biden look bad, he only exposed his own mental frailty.

"It's About Us" ad by Joe Biden.

It makes people think.

It's an ad about division. Joe Biden says "it's not about just those people that vote for you. It is about all of us.

In my opinion, it is effective, because people want to hear the truth.

Steamboat Whistle Blues

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