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Bill Barr was cut into a thousand pieces and fed to the hogs.

He was exposed for the entire nation to see. It wasn't a pretty sight.

He showed himself to be in the pocket of Donald Trump. He does not work for the people of this country.

Also, he showed how much he is willing to break the laws to satisfy his Leader. Whether it be post-poning elections, troops in the street, or pardoning Mr Trump's buddies, Bill Barr was on the side of Donald Trump every time.

There were times when the Democrats were questioning him that he was almost embarrassed to admit how despicable he really is.

Who is responsible for maintaining order and safety on the streets of cities?

Perhaps I am wrong?

But it has always been my belief that Mayors are responsible for hiring policemen to maintain order, so the streets are safe for its citizens.

If the policemen are unable to maintain order, the Mayor can request that the Governor send in the National Guard. I'm sure this has happened before.

How many times has the Federal government acted unilaterally in incidents of social unrest?

How long are citizens expected to put up with the violence and disruption? Forever?

Do Democrats have any responsibility to speak up?

What will be the price to pay?

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It is important to remember that Russia investigation was initiated by Republicans

Republicans had control of House, Senate, and the White House in 2017 and 2018.

Why did they approve an investigation into Russian interference in our elections?

Why did Republicans begin an investigation against Trump's wishes? What did they think General Flynn was up to with th3 Russians?

It is important to keep this in perspective and not let the Repubs portray it as a "Democratic inveetigation".

Sensible Republicans will not vote for Donald Trump again.

Very few will vote Democratic. They will simply withhold their vote from Donald Trump.

Because they do not want to see what this country will look like with four more years of Donald Trump.

This will not be a huge number of Republican voters, perhaps 1 or 2%, but that could be a huge number in the grand scheme?

It will be more than just the "Lincoln Project" Repubs, that have left their Party and are likely to vote Democratic in the next election. These are suburban Moms and many older voters.

This bodes well for Joe Biden if Democrats don't find a way to scare away voters. Trump will be looking to use this fear to make the race more competitive.

An old Pentecostal Holiness number:

Trump files new challenge to NY subpoena for his tax returns


(Reuters) - President Donald Trump on Monday filed a new challenge to the Manhattan district attorney’s subpoena for his tax returns, weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court said the president was not immune from state criminal probes.

In a second amended complaint filed in federal court in Manhattan, Trump’s lawyers argued that the subpoena was “wildly overbroad,” and was issued in “bad faith” and amounts to “harassment.”

The subpoena “is so sweeping that it amounts to an unguided and unlawful ‘fishing expedition’ into the President’s personal and financial dealings,” Trump’s lawyers wrote in the complaint.

Trump, who is seeking re-election on Nov. 3, asked the court to declare the subpoena invalid.

more at link

Democrats should focus their questions on Bill Barr, not Donald Trump, in this morning's hearing

They should question his actions and his motives, not Donald Trump's.

Why did he fire Geoff Berman from his job?

How much did he advise on the Roger Stone case?

Why did he permit the firing of all the Inspector Generals, including the IG of the Treasury, that was to look after the money spent on the small business bailouts, etc?

The Democrats should not veer from Mr Barr's own decisions and actions.

He has acted criminally in many instances and should have to answer for himself, not Donald Trump.

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