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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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John Henry Durham, US Attorney

He has been the US Attorney for the District of Connecticut since February of 2018.

He is expected to release his report on the Russia investigation sometime before the November election. Many expect this to be the October surprise of the Trump campaign.

AG Barr was asked about him during his hearing a few days ago. He would not rule out the release of the "Durham Report" before the next election.

Should the House Judiciary subpoena him and try to find out exactly what scheme he may be cooking up for the Trump campaign? Should he continue to escape scrutiny?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

When we hear a strange noise coming from our car's engine, we get it fixed right away. When there is a leak in our roof, we fix it immediately.

But, what can we do when we see a disaster about to happen in our next election?

It would be nice if we could fix it now before it blows up. We know that Donald Trump does not plan on exiting the White House voluntarily after the next election. His plan is to stop or suppress the vote, by any means necessary, to throw into doubt, the results of the next election.

We know this disaster is in the waiting. It's too bad that we cannot fix it right now. We must wait for it to happen and then deal with it at that time.

Mr. Bojangles

The Cuckoo

Simple Math

For those that refuse to wear a mask:

The more people that get the virus, the higher the chance that someone else will get infected.

The more people that get infected, the higher your chances of catching the virus.

It's not really that complicated.

As of today, more than 4 million people have tested positive for the virus. Some experts have said the real rate may be 10x that number? If that is the case, that would mean 40 million people are walking around us with this deadly virus. That would be approximately one out of every eight Americans that could be infected.

The numbers are going up. Just yesterday, FL, TX, and CA set records for the number of deaths in a single day. Each day the numbers go up, the odds of you getting the virus go up. It is simple math.

If wearing a mask will prevent someone from catching the virus or prevent them from being so seriously ill that they die, that is not about freedom. That is about being considerate and caring for your fellow man.

Witch Doctor

And It Stoned Me...

A country song...

Big Pharma and the rush for a vaccine bonanza

It's a dog-eat-dog world in Big Pharma.

Do not trust everything you hear about who has the cure for the corona virus and who has a vaccine that will save the world.

It is a lot about greed and propaganda. Who can best persuade the people that they have the "secret" drug to fight coronavirus?

We can only imagine what goes on behind the doors of the boardrooms of Big Pharma.

I am more interested in Cabinet positions other than VP...

The VP must be ready to take over the Presidency at a moments notice but other than that, it is a job about as useful as a bucket of warm piss.

I am more interested in who will be the next Atty General? Who will restore the laws that have been shredded under Trump and Barr?

Who will be the next Secretary of the Treasury? Who will over-see the actions of Wall Street and the stock manipulations now taking place?

Who will be the next Secretary of State? Who can restore the relationships that have protected our people for the last 75 years and that have been decimated by Trump and the Republixans?

The VP choice is important but there are other choices that may be more important and should merit equal attention, in my opinion.

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