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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Blowin' in the Wind

Are The Good Times Really Over

Mercury Blues

I believe Donald Trump may have received a message from McConnell and Republican leaders?

Either he gets his polls up by Labor Day or they will consider nominating someone else at their Convention, or will ask for him to resign?

They are all, including Trump, totally obsessed with the recent polls. Unless something changes, it could spell disaster for other Republicans running for office.

In my opinion, this will be Trump's total focus for the next two months.

The Republicans are not going to walk off the cliff with him without a parachute.

If Trump cannot deliver the votes for them, then he is of little use anymore.

Just my opinion.

America the Beautiful

Are you proud to be an American today?

Or are you sick and embarrassed by your fellow Americans?

America is an idea.

Unfortunately, it has been poisoned by hatred, division, racism, and politics.

Perhaps it is "patriotic" to celebrate what America could have been? But there is no cause to celebrate what America is today.

The scab of racism has been removed by divisive politicians. Perhaps slavery is the "original sin" and nothing can be done to fix it or make it right?

I have always thought that there was no country on Earth except America where so many nationalities could gather under the idea of equality and opportunity and live happy and fulfilled lives. There was no greener grass.

But today, we see how truly fragile is the idea of America.

Every American has been duly warned about coronavirus.

The choice is now upon them.

It now seems that the more they are cautioned to wear masks and to maintain safe distancing, the more they rebel against it. It has become counter-productive to warn them further. Leave them with their decisions.

That would be the easy way to go.

However, it would mean that they would be a threat to everyone else. They would carelessly spread the virus to others that they might come into contact with. There could be many more deaths. We would be dependent on the "herd immunity" strategy to control the virus.

The careless and reckless disregard for others lives is incomprehensible.

Why can't we realize that we are all in this crisis together?

And he still hasn't explained the bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Like most other questions, it will be drowned out and forgotten by the blatherings of the puppet in the White House, and over-whelmed by other events of traitorous nature.

A fish rots from the head first.

A recent poll showed that 75% of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track.

People are not happy. They are divided. Each side blames the other.

But, regardless of Party affiliation, people need to understand that leadership must come from the top. Where there is no vision, the people perish.

People have to accept responsibility for their votes and for their actions. If they are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem.



People Got To Be Free

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