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Lightning Bar Blues

If we're going to have a monarch or a dictator, do we even need a Congress?

After all, he will tell them when he wants the kids to go back to school.

He will tell them how much he wants to spend on defense and how much he wants to transfer to his wall.

He will tell them what he wants with the people's healthcare,

He will tell them what countries we should have relations with and which ones should be castigated and ignored.

He will tell them how much money he wants in a special fund without any oversight, to spend however he wishes.

He will tell them to keep their nose out of his business when he is giving intelligence information to our enemies.

He will tell them there are no limits to his powers, per the 2nd Article of the Constitution.

He will call the free press the "enemy of the people".

He will do whatever the hell he wants and nobody will do anything about it.

So why do we even need a Congress? Aren't they just a waste of money?

Donald Trump wants children back in the classrooms because....

...he thinks that might permit more people to enter back into the job market, thus lowering the unemployment rate, thus making it look better for him on election day.

He doesn't care about the health of the children, or the teachers, or anyone else that might contact the virus.

He is thinking about what is best for himself.

It's as simple as that.

Masks confirm their suspicions and conspiracy theories.

More and more people are losing it, and in some cases, resorting to violence, because they do not want to wear a mask. They are confused and angry that someone asks them to do something to protect the health of their fellow citizens.

Why is that?

It doesn't fit the conspiracy theories they live and breathe every day. They are confused that so many people, mostly liberals, challenge their belief system with facts about life and death.

It's not supposed to be that complicated. Their Leader, and the right-wing media, tell them something totally different from what the doctors and experts tell them? It makes them angry.

So they explode in public with embarrassing rants and threats because they do not want to wear a mask. Some are losing their jobs, as they are recorded in their childish behaviors.

They care more about their political positions than the lives of their fellow man.

And it is getting worse.

Deep Elem Blues

Has Trump already made the decision to drop Pence from the ticket?

In my opinion, it has already happened.

It happened before Pence started wearing his mask.

It's fairly obvious that Pence is not helping him in the polls. And, as we all know, if you are of no benefit to Trump personally, he really has no use for you.

He may choose Nikki Haley, to try and capture some of the women's vote and to bring new enthusiasm to some Republicans that are not happy with the direction Trump has taken the country?

When Pence started wearing the mask, that may have had much more significance than we guessed at the time?

Johnny Reb?

Why did they call themselves "Rebels"? Why did the Federal Government call them "Confederates"? Why did they disavow allegiance to America and the Stars and Stripes? Why were they glorified with songs and stories and statues?

Is it important or necessary that Schumer and McConnell communicate with each other?

Is it best they just wait until the election and let the people decide how to handle the Trump problem?

Because McConnell does not see a problem.

It would do no good to have a strategy if people's worst fears came to fruition?

What would they do if Trump challenges the election results, if he loses?

What would they do if he acts in a totally insane way and does something totally unpredictable? Because he is not mentally stable.

Is there any reason for Schumer and McConnell to try and communicate between now and election day?

My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)

Desolation Row

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