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Do you ever get a feeling you are on a highway with no exits?

Dear Uncle Sam

The incompetence has overwhelmed and exasperated many Americans.

They are tired of "winning".

If you believe Donald Trump is doing just what he said he would do, then you must really admire serial killers?

If ever the nation needed to be united, it is now. People need to hear words that unite us, not divide us. We need to listen to experts and scientists, not to know-it-all politicians.

People are tired. It is not just the fight against the virus that is wearing them out. It is the fight against incompetence and ignorance.

It is not enough to replace competence with bullshit. Sooner or later, it is exposed.

We see it now, without any clothes on.

A response to an article by Paul Krugman in NYTimes

St. Paul
May 11
Times Pick

What happens to the millions of poorer Americans who can no longer put food on the table or pay their rent? There is a large segment of the population that absolutely cannot stay at home and social distance for months. They must go back to work in order to live. And we have no answers for them other than a measly $1200 pay check and a few weeks of unemployment, if the state unemployment office can get its act together.

Believe me, I realize the best thing to do is continue social distancing and working from home (if you still have a job) until there is a vaccine, but there are millions of people in truly dire straits. We cannot ignore this fact. I am absolutely no fan of Trump, but social distancing is slowly emerging as a privilege that can be exercised only by the wealthy. This is a complicated problem.


Much of the distrust of Donald Trump began when he lied about turning over his tax returns.

At first, it was his story that they were "in audit" and that he would definitely turn them over before the election in 2016.

He lied and he was successful in hiding his tax returns. He has managed to hide them up to this very day. He has gone all the way to the Supreme Court in order to keep them secret.

What was in those returns that was damaging that he would go to such extremes. Except for Republicans, most everyone was suspicious of his refusal to make public his tax returns or his business dealing with foreign leaders, including dictators unfriendly to America.

It was "un-American" not to be concerned with his financial activities. How could any honest American pretend that it didn't matter?

The distrust of Donald Trump began there with most of the voters, in my opinion. His lies and his dishonorable actions only became more pronounced as his actions became more and more suspicious.

No honest person would trust him as far as they could throw him.

Is "testing" only good for those that are positive with the virus?

After all, someone that might test negative today could test positive tomorrow.

With that reality, the only test that could be verifiable would be those on people with the symptoms.

How would they catch those with no symptoms but are asymptomatic?

How should the tests be prioritized?

Do the People (as represented by the Congress of the United States) have the right and authority?

To request financial information from the Executive Branch?

Does an Executive have a right to hide their business dealings (primarily foreign) from the People?

Does the Congress have a right to see this information?

Or is the Executive above the Law?

How to misread the epidemic?

NYC was the epicenter of the attack within the US. At times, they had more cases than the rest of the country combined.

When their numbers started to go down, it would be expected to have the numbers fall all across the country. If the numbers stayed near the same or decreased just a minimal amount, that would indicate that the rest of the country was still growing the virus. It is a precarious moment, in my opinion.

It seems like we are somewhere near this middle of this crisis?

Does anyone else see it nearing the end?

Herman's Hermits

The Supreme Court's Landmark Decision

Or will they pass the hot potato?

The cases about Donald Trump's taxes and finances have finally made it to their door. Will they make a decision to protect our laws and our Constitution? Or will they fold to the partisan flames? The partisan divisions are deep and wide.

Will they be able to put aside their own partisan divisions and protect our People and our Constitution?

What will they choose?

(On edit) The Supreme Court will likely not rule on this case until this summer, if at all?
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