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Former Governor Steven Beshear posted this on Facebook about his son, Andy, the present Governor.

Steven L. Beshear
8 hrs ∑

Jane and I have never been prouder of Andy than we are right now.

We admire the courage and commitment of our son, his family, and his team in the Governor's Office as they stand up for Kentucky and its families against those who attempt to use hate, intimidation, and fear to tear us apart and to promote their selfish agenda.

What happened this weekend, and Andyís response to that ugly spectacle, should open the eyes of Kentuckians to the difference between those leaders who put people over politics, and those who put politics over people.

Itís time for Kentucky to call out these hate groups and the politicians who try to legitimize them by pandering to them for their votes.

London Homesick Blues


This Ol' House

America. Are you Paul Revere or Benedict Arnold?

Do you truly love your country or are you just trying to make a quick buck?

Are you patriotic enough, do you care enough, to go to the polls and vote?

How important is the vote compared to your love for your country?

Will there ever be another time in your life when you will be asked to prove your patriotism?

Your country depends on YOU!

Four died at Benghazi, and Republicans lost their minds.

Candy Man

Twitter places fact-check notification on Trump tweet about mail-in ballots

From Reuters:

SAN FRANCISCO, May 26 (Reuters) - Twitter on Tuesday placed a notification fact-checking tweets sent by President Donald Trump claiming that mail-in ballots will be "substantially fraudulent" and result in a "rigged election."
The notification, which displays a blue exclamation mark underneath the tweets, prompts readers to "get the facts about mail-in ballots" and directs them to a page with news articles and information from fact checkers debunking the claim.

(Reporting by Katie Paul; Editing by Leslie AdlerEditing by Leslie AdlerEditing by Leslie Adler)

The advisers and Cabinet of Joe Biden will be of utmost importance.

His VP pick will need to be someone that can increase his vote totals, for example.

Joe Biden is not a political revolutionary. He has been a safe moderate for most of his political career.

That is why the people he chooses for his Cabinet will be so important.

His AG should be a courageous law and order person, intent on finding justice for the American people.

His Secretary of State will need to be strong enough to rebuild relations around the world.

The people around Joe Biden may be more important than Biden himself?

This will be no time for politics as usual.

How long would Twitter survive if...?

...they closed Trump's Twitter account?

We should not expect the account of Donald Trump to ever be closed.

That is a fight the CEO of Twitter will never mount.

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