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If you owned Twitter, would you ban Donald J Trump?

Or just suspend him for a week or a month?

The suspension would probably hurt him more than an outright ban. It would take away the "black or white" that he prefers in an argument.

I think he should be suspended, at a minimum. Of course, he would only steal someone else's twitter account and then lie about it. That's the way he rolls.

A ban would be a fatal blow against him. He is hooked on Tweeter.

Doc Holiday meets Johnny Ringo

Walking After Midnight

Trump is looking for political opportunity.

Some may think these riots in Minneapolis are exactly what he has been waiting on?

There is nothing he would like more than to call out the military to quell social unrest.

He likes the idea of being the "law and order" candidate in the next election.

I got a hunch something very fishy is going on?

My favorite from JHB's TOONS...

Hard Road To Travel

It was murder.

I hesitate to say much about it because I do not trust what I might say?

But, my first question was: Is this the most common form of restraint? How could anyone hold their knee on someone's neck and not know that he has stopped breathing?

Local policemen are not above the law.

He should be put into "protective custody" and locked away until there is a verdict, in my humble opinion.

40 million unemployed in 10 weeks !

Nothing like this has ever happened in our country before.

Not even during the Great Depression.

These are very unpredictable times.

Everybody is trying to assimilate what is happening. There are no simple solutions. Nobody has the answers.

It is my opinion that the leaders of this country, especially the White House but including the US Congress, are failing the people of this country.

They are all reactive. They will wait until disaster strikes and then they will react to it. There seems to be no foresight or vision with elected leaders.

But, with 40 million unemployed, they will need money for food and shelter very soon. How long should we wait?

These are unprecedented times.

Trump and Republicans have discovered a way to win the next election.

Harvesting absentee ballots.

The red state Republicans will be mailing out mass absentee ballots for every Republican and Independent in their states.

They will then take those lists and canvas those cities and states to collect those absentee ballots. They will assist these people with their voting.

They did it in California already just a few weeks ago. And they won by a large margin a seat that was previously Democratic.

This is their plan.

Wisconsin is their first target but there will be others.

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