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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
May 11, 2020

Trump thought he became President the day after the election?

He didn't wait until Inauguration.

He wasted no time in talking up the stock market and connecting with foreign leaders to discuss his "policies". He wanted General Flynn to call the Russians and tell them to not react to Obama's sanctions. They would fix that when they officially took power.

Some argued that it was a violation of the Logan Act. Many on the right said the Logan Act was unconstitutional. Jonathan Turley recently wrote about it in The Hill: https://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/496926-logan-act-is-the-last-refuge-for-the-american-prosecutorial-scoundrel

It would behoove Democrats to remember these arguments if they win the election in November. They should not wait to January to begin governing. They should begin immediately.

May 11, 2020

The new "loyalty test" from the White House

It is whether or not you choose to wear a mask?

Everybody knows that Donald Trump does not support the wearing of masks as a preventative for the coronavirus. He has publicly stated so.

When he sees the protestors in the street huddled together, without masks, he knows those are "his" people. When he sees VP Pence go into the Mayo Clinic and not wear a mask, he knows why he is not wearing one? When he gathers groups around him in the White House, he knows they don't wear masks because they support him.

When he calls over 20 Congressmen for a meeting and none of them wear a mask, he knows they are loyal to him.

These people are willing to put their health, perhaps their lives, at risk to stay on the good side of their Leader.

Is it really that different from the oath that Hitler required of his Reichswehr in 1934: “I swear to God this holy oath, that I will offer unconditional obedience to the Führer of the German Reich and People, Adolf Hitler, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and that I am prepared as a brave soldier, to lay down my life at any time for this oath.”

May 10, 2020

Trump thinks "too much testing" is why we have so many cases of the Coronavirus.

As if those people would not have the virus if they were not tested?

Shut down the CDC. They are reporting too many sick people. It is better to ignore them. Some will die and some will get better, they seem to be saying?

It's no big deal. People need to get back to work because it threatens the re-election of Donald J Trump. It is better to have Trump elected than to prevent Americans from dying? Is that what Trump is saying?

It doesn't matter if people are tested or not. They still have the virus and it is very contagious and it can be spread straight into the White House. The cult is dangerous to America.

May 10, 2020

Where Republicans failed?

Almost everywhere.

First of all, they saw no need for Donald Trump to show his tax returns. What could he be hiding?

Neither did they want to know anything about who he was doing business with, even though all the evidence pointed toward oligarchs and money-launderers. They saw over 500 shell companies, off-shore accounts for Donald Trump. But they did not see the need to know more?

How could it affect our foreign policy? Would Donald Trump favor himself over the interests of the country? I think people can now see that the answer is obviously yes.

Then, when all the evidence was uncovered for them, such as negotiating with the Russians to build a Trump Tower in Moscow and keeping all his conversations with Putin secret. They were OK with not knowing. Perhaps they assumed Mr Trump was a "patriot"?

Then when the evidence was uncovered about his phone call and request for the Ukrainian president, the Democrats could wait no longer. They had no choice but to act. They impeached.

Republicans were still blind to the seriousness of what was happening.

They offered no oversight whatsoever. They simply did not do their job of oversight. As if, by faith alone, they could trust Donald Trump.

As he broke every rule and law, they sat on their hands. They did nothing.

As he failed the nation by putting his personal politics above the health of the people of this country, the Republicans played along. If he didn't wear a mask, then they would not wear a mask either. Total negligence and incompetence during a pandemic, as Americans died by the tens of thousands.

And now, they want to be re-elected.

Get f*ckin' real!

May 10, 2020

Sugar Mountain

May 10, 2020

Into The Mystic

May 9, 2020

The Dead

May 9, 2020

Why does Trump continue to be obsessed about Russia investigation?

He has effectively convinced those in his cult that it was all a "hoax". So why continue to beat a dead horse?

Because he knows thst the truth is still out there. After all the lies and propaganda to persuade his followers that he had absolutely no connections to Russia or Putin, he can't seem to bury it.

Even after the asswipe, Bill Barr, proclaimed it all over, it refuses to die.

Now, they want "his" Supreme Court to hide the truth from the Americsn people and declare that Donald Trump was a victim and no one needs to see the facts about his relationship with Russia.

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