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Why no Republicans will criticize Matt Gaetz?

Hell, they couldn't even criticize a guy that incited an insurrection and committed sedition against our country, leading to the deaths of several people! Why should anyone expect them to criticize Matt Gaetz?

Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican, their 11th Commandment.

They are totally amoral. Their only interests are power and control. As Donald Trump and Matt Gaetz have shown, there is no crime that would require any of them to speak up. They have no integrity.

They will only speak up when it begins to reflect poorly on them personally. Otherwise, do not expect too much from the Republican Party.

When Trump is silent about some controversy...?

..such as the Matt Gaetz scandal, it means he is usually involved in it. Silence is complicity.

He has even been silent about Liz Cheney, as far as I can tell.

He does not want to draw attention to the scandal.

Otherwise, he is sticking his nose into every little controversy or scandal that pops up.

He never talks about his darker connections.

I will not be surprised.

Steel Guitar Rag (1936) Bob Wills

Kentucky Waltz (Doc and Dawg)

The Roger Stone "dirty tricks" culture of the Republican Party.

Much of it passed away with G. Gordon Liddy but much is ingrained within the Party. Nixon loved "dirty tricks". He loved the idea of sticking it to his enemies by using the CIA and other means.

Roger Stone loved Richard Nixon.

The character, Greenberg, the Florida Tax Assessor, is a G. Gordon Liddy wannabe. He wants nothing more than to stick it to the system and steal as much money from the "government" as possible and then brag about with his like-minded friends, including Roger Stone and Matt Gaetz. They have no desire for public service - only what they can steal from the public.

That is the culture within the Republican Party at present. It may be the dominant culture?

They see government as a means to steal money and to escape the laws that other people must adhere to. The "government" is their protective shield. Donald Trump used it better than anyone.

But, do not be surprised if the Greenberg-Gaetz connections go much deeper than has been reported. Did they know Jeffrey Epstein? Did they know Donald Trump before he stole the White House? The sex-trafficking stories have been around for some time and it is doubtful that Greenberg or Gaetz are recent converts.

It is all connected to the dirty tricks of the Republican culture.
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