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My theory on why the poor voters in Eastern Kentucky vote Republican?

It goes back to the War of 1812. Andrew Jackson wanted volunteers to fight the British down in New Orleans. Many Kentuckians, some without arms, answered his call for help.

Many Kentuckians died in the War of 1812. Sixty-four percent of all casualties in that war were from Kentucky. That did not sit well with the people in the mountains of Kentucky. They blamed Andrew Jackson. And to this day, although they should be naturally inclined to the Democratic Party, the majority of the people vote Republican.

Just my theory on why the people of Kentucky vote against their own self interests.

How close are Matt Gaetz and Governor DeSantis?


Gov. Ron DeSantis has yet to take any questions about long-time political ally Matt Gaetz’s growing sex scandal. But liberal group Progress Florida suggests the public deserves some answers from Florida’s chief executive.

In an email blast on Friday, Progress Florida posited a dozen questions DeSantis should answer, even if he hasn’t been directly implicated in Gaetz’s alleged misdeeds. Many stem from DeSantis’ gubernatorial campaign in 2018, when Gaetz was a near-constant presence at DeSantis’ side and ultimately led his transition team. More recently, Gaetz has touted DeSantis as a presidential candidate on right-wing outlets like Fox News.

Progress Florida’s questions include some basics still unaddressed on this, day three of GaetzGate:

— Do you have a reaction to the accusations against him?

— When and how did you learn about these accusations?

— Have you spoken to him about them?

— When was the last time you spoke to him?

Technology has changed capitalism.

That is why the tax structure needs to be re-invented.

Productivity increased exponentially with the new technology. So did profits. Less workers were needed because computers and robots replaced workers.

But prices did not go down and the wealth did not go to the workers. It went to those at the very top. It has been reported that some wealthy capitalists can now make as much money in a minute as their average worker will make in a year. That is obscene.

Capitalism is not meant to create wealth for just a few people. If that is its purpose, it has failed. It is meant to create a better and more equitable society.

The wealth created by the new technology has never been addressed. If it cannot be shared with those that create it, the workers, then it should be taxed for the needs of our society, including infrastructure.

Matt Gaetz wanted a "blanket pardon" for himself and several of his Congressional colleagues?

Was that not reported a few days ago?

Who were those colleagues?

I have heard no more reporting on that?

Did anyone else hear that report?

Are Republicans and Trumpsters beginning to see that Americans are not going to forget January 6th?

Is it finally dawning on them that the American people are not going to buy their alternative lies about what happened when their supporters assaulted our Capitol?

Are they losing confidence in their propaganda? Perhaps they can blame it on the loss of Limbaugh? They always need someone to blame.

Are any of them beginning to see the true nature of Donald Trump? Perhaps those that were ripped off for thousands of dollars by the Trump campaign?

Did they think that over time, the attack on our Capitol would be forgotten and everything would return to "normal"? They could continue their lies and division and Trump would return on a white horse to save them once again?

Or is reality beginning to seep into their consciousness?

If Jethro Were Here

Is it impossible to communicate with Republicans?

Especially the ones that supported and still support Donald Trump?

Is there any way to talk with them? Communication is a two-way street but how do you communicate with someone who is so far removed from reality?

If we cannot communicate, where does it end?

They are too dangerous to ignore.

When you have considered someone a friend for many, many years and you find that you can no longer have a conversation with them, it is a depressing matter. I am sure we all know these folks, and some are probably family?

Is there a solution?

Do not ignore the sedition and the continuing threats against our country.

Just like the virus, we would like to put it all behind us and forget about it.

But, that may not be wise.

We just had another cop killed at our Capitol and the same conspirators continue to threaten our democracy and our right to vote.

Although the FBI has been rounding up the culprits that attacked our Capitol on January 6th, they are still conspiring to attack our government in every way possible.

The propaganda outlets, such as FOX News, OAN, and others, have doubled down with their lies and conspiracy theories.

We cannot become complacent.

The Dilemma of a Democracy

The concept of justice is a cornerstone of a democracy.

Whenever justice cannot be done for fear of creating division and violence, then democracy is threatened. In my opinion, this is where America is today.

Perhaps the Justice Department is only starting at the bottom and working up?

But it is as plain as the nose on your face that our Capitol was attacked on January 6th and lives were lost. It is obvious that the elected officials of our democracy were threatened.

Also, it is plain as day that the mob that attacked our Capitol was incited to do so and were put in the place and time to make it happen. It was sedition.

It was an insurrection incited by the highest level of our elected government.

Justice would require that someone answer to the charges. At the very least, they should be asked to explain their role in the insurrection.

But, for some reason, there is no action from our Justice Department? As if there is not enough to charge certain individuals with incitement of an insurrection? Because justice delayed is justice denied.


That is the dilemma.


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