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Did you notice how FOXNews doubled down for Trump after the election?

Rupert Murdoch seems to see it as an avenue for mischief?

They were complicit with their propaganda before the election. They carried the water for Donald Trump.

But, since the election, they have been more and more the pro-Trump agenda. They have been attacking Biden at every opportunity and have said very little about the insurrection of January 6th.

They have given about 2 minutes per 24-hour period to the Matt Gaetz coverage.

They have had around-the-clock coverage of the immigration at our border and the failures of the Biden Administration.

They are complicit with the attacks upon our Capitol and they have been busy inciting the domestic terrorists against our country.

Sam Stone

This may be an appropriate time to discuss "bi-partisanship" with Mitch McConnell.

Last night, Donald Trump declared war on McConnell. He called him a dumb "son of a b*tch".

How much more proof does McConnell need, to know that his days are numbered? Trump's goal is to take over the Republican Party from Mitch McConnell and the establishment Republicans.

If he was a wise man, he would sit down with the Democrats and figure out a way to save our democracy and stop worrying so much about getting back his majority.

How many more times does he need to be kicked by a mule?

Do you believe Americans should forget about what happened on January 6th and move on?

After all, we still have a ways to go with defeating this virus.

Also, our economy has not recovered to where we need to be.

We should simply let Donald Trump and his brand slide into oblivion and move forward on more important matters?

Except for the most violent offenders, the Capitol insurrectionists should be pardoned with a probation period, and we should put it all behind us?

It would be a waste of time to try and charge any political leaders in the insurrection?

We should just forget the January 6th attack upon our Capitol.

Do you think that would be best?

Is the Attorney General putting off the inevitable?

And the longer it is put off, the more difficult it will be?

The "Former Guy" is having a big fundraiser tonight as the first step in declaring total control of the Republican Party. For a while, he thought his goose was cooked. But, obviously no one is in a hurry to charge him with anything, especially the Feds.

Once he regains the legitimacy as the front-runner in the next presidential election, it will be almost politically impossible to charge him with anything. Time is the most valuable commodity - not only for Donald Trump, but also for the Biden Justice Department.

If there are any plans to charge him with incitement to insurrection or anything else, the time for a decision is drawing near.

Otherwise, we are creating a crisis beyond anyone's control.

He must answer for what he has done.

Just Like A Woman

Mean Ol' Frisco

Is it possible for Democrats to move farther to the left than Republicans have moved to the right?

That seems to be what James Carville is afraid of?

Is it possible to go as far cra-cra as the Republicans have gone?

What would the Democrats have to do to accomplish such a great feat?

The advantages of living in an "alternate reality".

Like FOX News and Republicans, it permits a freedom not available to most people.

They can stand back, in their other reality, and criticize everything that is wrong in the world and never have to accept any responsibility.

Whether it be immigration, drugs, taxes, guns, food stamps, foreign policy, or whatever, they find a way to blame someone else, usually the liberals and the Democrats. They do not have to offer any solutions ever.

For example, they can stand back in their bubble and criticize Biden and the Democrats for the present problems with immigration and never mention the role of the last Administration or their own support or silence.

Drugs are caused by liberal policies in the inner cities, mostly with Democratic Mayors, and they have no responsibility to solve the problems because it is not part of their reality. They can find example after example of proof to validate their points. That is sufficient for them.

The same with guns. It doesn't matter how many people are killed with assault weapons. They have a right to bear arms, according to the 2nd Amendment. That is the end of the argument. They have nothing to say about the people that are killed. Their only concern is about their guns.

Those people on food stamps are dependent on government to survive and are created by liberals and Democrats. If there is hunger in our country, they have no responsibility to help feed the hungry because they live in another reality and hungry children are of no concern to them.

They can stand back and criticize others and offer no constructive ideas of their own. You can do that if you are a Republican or part of FOX News. When you live in an alternate reality, you can make shit up.

"Exterminate All The Brutes" (HBO)

Has anyone watched that series on HBO?

Very interesting.

Combined historical views from people like Howard Zinn, a Haitian historian, and others, more from an African descendant's perspective.

Different and thought-provoking.
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