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Don't Bogart That Joint

Highway 61

Who is the present Director of the FCC ??

I recall that Ajit Pai, nominated by Trump, resigned on January 20th.

Who is in charge now?

Generally speaking, what could a FCC Director do to clean up up the mess in cable news? There are two or three TV companies and many radio station owners that believe it is OK to parrot lies from their political leaders. That should never be acceptable.

Who would make a good FCC Director?

Long, Black Veil

Remember Me (Willie Nelson)

The lies, if permitted to continue, will destroy America.

They will destroy America for Republicans. They will destroy America for Democrats. There is no way to survive in a dual reality, especially when one is so blatantly untrue.

For personal political reasons, or whatever, there are those that choose to continue the "Big Lie" that the last election was stolen. Each and every day that it is pushed and promoted, it becomes more and more believable to those that wish for it to be true.

The bottom line is that the insurrection continues.

The sedition continues.

The attempted coup continues.

It would be foolish to ignore it.

The plan is to show that the vote in AZ was incorrect and that Donald Trump actually won ...

It is a dangerous continuation of the "Big Lie" and seeks to give credibility to the lie that the election was stolen.

Rachel did a segment about this tonight on her show. The GOP is bringing in a bunch called the "Ninjas" to do an audit of of 2.1 million votes in Maricopa County. (Never mind that there have been four audits already)

The plan is to fix it so that doubt is cast upon the election of Joe Biden as the new President. It is a continuation of the sedition that began right after the election in November.

The FBI cannot let this type of criminal charade continue.

New Minglewood Blues - Grateful Dead

Quote by Bertrand Russell

"Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth -- more than ruin -- more even than death.... Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habit. Thought looks into the pit of hell and is not afraid. Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the world, and the chief glory of man."

Bertrand Russell

Butt-hurt, Delusional Followers of Untruth

At first they said, "Let's wait until all the votes are counted." The votes were counted and their Leader was behind.

They claimed there was all sorts of fraud. There were hidden boxes of ballots and midnight drops and all kinds of cheating going on, they said. But they never, ever, showed any proof.

Then they said, "Let's wait until the state legislatures count the votes." The states counted the votes and their Leader was still behind.

They took it to the Courts. They presented their cases before more than 60 Judges and they were told by each Judge that they had no case. They enlisted a slew of Republican Attorney-Generals to take it to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, the last word on the law, refused to hear their case.

Then, they said, "Let's wait until the electoral votes are certified on January 6th." They organized a huge march for that day, with special speakers, with the intent to march on the Capitol to stop the electoral votes from being certified. We know the rest of the story.

But, sooner or later, their butts have got to heal. We can no longer endure their silly lies.
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