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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Are you pulling for Liz Cheney to defeat McCarthy and the Trumpsters?

I never thought I would ever pull for a right-wing Republican in anything. But, I confess, I hope she challenges McCarthy for the Minority Leader, rather than run for the White House. (Because I think she would be a very dangerous candidate)

The worst she could do would be to take votes away from the Trumpster candidate and give votes to the Democratic candidate.

However, I pull for her in this battle because she is on the right side.

She is taking the American side.

Mississippi Fred McDowell...

"Hell is truth seen too late." - Thomas Hobbes

Are we not seeing the full truth in regards to the attempted coup of January 6th?

Is the coup still going on?

How much damage is being done for lack of accountability?

What should be done?

Natasha Bertrand has joined CNN as White House correspondent.

She worked for MSNBC previously on national security matters.

She is very knowledgeable and is MSNBC's loss, in my opinion.

CNN has improved their programming a lot.

Liz Cheney Breaks with Republican Leadership to Support Commission into Capitol Riot


Democrats need to confront the stone cold truth.

Republicans are never going to speak out against the Big Lie.

They are never going to be converted with facts or the truth.

Democrats cannot compromise with lies and conspiracy theories.

There is no nice way to call them bald-faced liars that are supporting an insurrection against our country.

There is no middle ground for them to stand on, so long as they cling to lies and delusions.

We are where we are.

The Republicans are never going to change until the voters change them.

In my opinion, that is the reality we are confronting.

When they show you who they are, believe them.

Almost 6 months later, they are still counting votes in Arizona. What does that tell us?

First of all, it shows that the intent to discredit the last election still continues.

It was not enough just to attack our Capitol. It was not enough to have the state officials do the counts and audits, Democrats and Republicans, but it must now be done by an outside group that might favor one Party over the other. We'll call them the "Cyber Ninjas".

It also tells us that the sedition continues.

And nobody seems to know what to do about it?

The Wind Cries Mary

The price of gasoline went down when the pandemic hit.

It was about the same as the present price that everyone seems to be complaining about before that. The price of gas is more important to some than whether or not they have a democracy, it seems?

But, I hear this argument a lot, about how much the price of gas has gone up.

And from my experience in the past, gasoline usually goes up before the spring and summer holiday driving.

Percy's Song

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