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"You cannot take the vote away from 63 million people that voted for Donald Trump".

No, but you can take the vote away from 66 million that voted against him?

Don't they ever think of all the votes against Trump when they say that?

All the signs on Trump's buildings will need to be changed...


(They will need to add an asterisk)

Can the American people get a fair impeachment trial from McConnell?

He has publicly stated that he plans to be 100% coordinated with the White House Counsel? Is there any doubt but that he is carrying the water for Donald J Trump? They don't even want to call it a "trial".

So far, it appears that Mitch McConnell is preparing to screw the American people out of a fair trial?

The American people should take no solace in the direction McConnell and the Republicans are taking our country.

Do not expect a fair trial from the Senate.

The Unserious Being of Lightness

It's difficult to take any of these Republicans seriously. Doug Collins? Can he cut down on whatever it is he is on? It's embarrassing painful to watch him.

They act as if it's a game or something?

They cannot seem to comprehend the weight of the matter they are getting ready to vote against? It is difficult to hear when your head is in the sand. Republicans know the Democrats have valid points but they cannot desert their team at this time.

They will try to block the Democrats from giving the American people the truth.

They are not a serious political Party.

Has anyone changed their mind about impeachment since yesterday?

I am more convinced than ever that it needs to be done.

The Democrats need to lay down a marker. Because there is no one else in our government that will do it. Mitch McConnell has indicated that he will be working hand in glove with the defendant in the Senate trial. Without Nancy Pelosi and the House, Donald Trump has complete control of our government.

It really doesn't matter how many articles of impeachment they are voting on. Most everyone, especially in the House and Senate, know what Donald Trump has done in the past. None of them know what he may do in the future?

The Democrats are right. The crimes are happening even as we speak. Even though all the witnesses came forward and explained exactly what was happening in the back channels to Ukraine, Donald and Rudy could not wait. Rudy was sent over again to collect dirt on Joe Biden. And maybe make a documentary? He may be in Ukraine tonight? Everybody knows they are shady characters.

Are they a threat to our national security? Probably so.

That is why the Democrats have a constitutional duty to continue with the impeachment. There is no evidence they will do anything otherwise?

Even though, they have no expectations that the Senate will do anything other than acquit. Some might feel he should be "censured"? Or they could try to acquit him with 51 votes?

After all, if 4 or 5 Senators voted with the Democrats to find him guilty, as charged, then the politics in the Senate could get very interesting.

Why didn't Trump prosecute Hunter Biden?

He had almost three years to investigate and prosecute. He had the FBI and DOJ. But he said nothing and did nothing until Joe Biden announced his intent to run for the Presidency.

Donald Trump did not seem interested in Hunter Biden or corruption until he needed an excuse for his extortion and bribery of a foreign leader.

If he has evidence, what is to prevent him from prosecuting Hunter Biden at this time? The answer is: there is no evidence of any criminal acts by Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden did not ask the new leader of Ukraine for a "favor". Hunter Biden did not withhold $391 million dollars from Ukraine's military.

If they have the goods on Hunter Biden, let them press charges. They cannot add it to the impeachment charges of Donald Trump and pretend that there is some sort of false equivalence.

Hunter Biden is irrelevant to this impeachment proceeding.

Could someone send a gross of pacifiers to the whiny Republicans?

They are like whiny little ti**ie babies.

Their screeching voices are like fingernails on the chalkboard.

They are very annoying.

The Royal "Us"

Republicans on the Judiciary Committee, like Jim Jordan, like to point out that when Mr Trump said, "I would like for you to do 'us' a favor, though"..., he was talking about us, the country, not himself.

However, when we discover what the "favor" was, we see that it was not for "us", or our country, it was for the personal political benefit of Donald John Trump.

The Republicans' role in impeaching Donald Trump.

As we all know, Republicans controlled both House and Senate in the first two years of Trump presidency. He could get away with murder and he knew it.

But, even before Trump was inaugurated, the Republicans were put in a very uncomfortable position of defending General Flynn and his secret calls to Russian officials. He was promising them that he would get the sanctions lifted.

Republicans were shocked by this behavior. Flynn stayed in his position for about three weeks afterwards, until the Republican leadership decided he should be let go. Trump did not want it to happen, but it being very early in his Administration, he went along with Mitch McConnell and the leadership.

Then, in the middle of 2017, James Comey permitted the opening of a counter-intelligence investigation against the Russians. There were numerous questionable and suspicious activities by the Trump Administration at this time, including the infamous, "Russia, if you're listening.." phone call.

Once again, the Republican majority was shocked by what was happening in front of their own eyes. Comey was fired. McCabe took over. And Trump's feud with the FBI reached a high pitch. AG Sessions recused himself and Rod Rosenstein appointed Bob Mueller as a Special Counsel to investigate the Russian matter.

This was all done with Republicans in charge. Democrats did not actually take control of the House until about March of this year. It's good to remember the Republicans role in this impeachment process.

It was a "perfect" impeachment.

They shoveled all the shit up in one big pile and were unable to pick it up or sort it out. So they just called it "Abuse of Power". It was pretty much all-inclusive.

Then they took all the disrespect shown the first Branch of government and the refusal of Donald Trump to cooperate with any requests for witnesses or documents and called it "Obstruction of Congress".

It was beautiful. It was neat and tidy. It was written in wonderful words. It was easy to read.

There was nothing wrong with it. It was "perfect".
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