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Republicans will not turn on Trump until they know it is in their benefit to do so.

At the present time, they feel they have no choice but to stay with their base, and Trump's base.

But, some are surely thinking that Trump has never gone very high in the polls, never up to 50%, and now, that he has been impeached, he may be even more of a drag on their chances for re-election?

If he was removed from office, Mike Pence would take his place. And probably add Nikki Haley as his VP? Democrats do not gain anything politically, in that respect.

Some Republicans must be thinking that Trump is "fool's gold". He's not really going to help them win in the next election. Would they be better off with Pence on the ticket?

Unfortunately, they will stick with Trump until they see that it is to their benefit, and their Party's benefit, if they make the break from him, before it is too late.


Does anyone else feel like they are decompressing after the historic vote last night?

There is some sense of relief, that the step was taken by the House, to impeach.

Mitch McConnell is in no hurry for a trial. However, Mr Trump wants it over with as quickly as possible. He believes he has a deal with McConnell to get it done. McConnell went on FOX News to say that he was working hand in glove with the White House Counsel and the White House.

Speaker Pelosi is holding the Articles until she announces the House Managers and until McConnell and Schumer can come to some agreement on the rules. God forbid that it might take an emergency for them to act.

But Mr Trump has been acting very unstable since the realization that he was being impeached. The stress may be more than he can take. He is of such a disturbed mental state that he might "crack", to use a non-medical term.

Even the crowd at his rally last night seemed very uncomfortable around him. They did not know whether to laugh or to cry. So they laughed .

Speaker Pelosi dismissed the House for the Holidays without naming any House Managers or passing the Articles to the Senate. McConnell and Schumer are even further behind. They will all have a lot of work to do when they return.

Until then, Merry Christmas everyone! We can watch 'The Christmas Carol' with George C Scott and Ebenezer Scrooge.

Power To The People

Should the Speaker withhold sending the impeachment charges to the Senate at this time??

Reportedly Hoyer and Pelosi have been discussing this as a possible option. They do not wish to send the impeachment over to them since several of them have said they cannot be fair or impartial, as required by the Constitution. Maybe she should hold it for a few days? What would be the downside?

One of Trump's biggest regrets on his impeachment day?

It is that he adopted a dark vision and sought to divide America along partisan and cultural lines.

Of course, when he took over the White House, he had a good majority of Republicans in each branch of Congress. He could afford to tell people how terrible the "Do Nothing" Democrats were. He didn't need them.

But today, he might be in better shape politically if he had not shoveled shit on everyone that did not bend the knee. He could use a dozen or so Democrats at this time.

But, it's too late.

He used up his hateful, divisive language in the misguided belief that he would be protected in all instances by his base and those that are dependent on the base to get re-elected. He used it like a bludgeon on Republicans to keep them in line.

If only, he had not been so divisive. If he had only recognized that he is supposed to be president for all the people, not just his cultish supporters, he may have tried to create some sort of coalition? But, I guess that did not fit into his vision?

Trump could not get the FBI or the DOJ to investigate the Bidens?

He only felt comfortable with a secret investigation done by criminal and shady characters in Ukraine, most of them with Russian loyalties. He used Rudy Giuliani to make the contacts with the most corrupt criminals in that part of the world.

Republicans say, he has the right to investigate anyone accused of corruption, even in countries like the Ukraine. He didn't trust the FBI or the DOJ, after the way they treated him.

Is that their argument?

Republicans will have one year to make Donald Trump a sympathetic character.

When those mean old Democrats impeach him.

Good luck with that!

America is going to feel sympathy for the person that attacks everyone, makes fun of everyone, engages in adolescent name-calling, threatens people with jail or death, breaks the law daily, and drags our Constitution thru the mud.

They will have a year to rehabilitate Mr Trump. Every American will feel sorry for him and the way people mistreat him.

Never mind the delusion that Mr Trump will not break any more laws in the coming year. He would not embarrass his supporters. He cares about them too much to hurt their feelings or to embarrass them for their unquestioned loyalty.

Good luck with that!

Give 'em the kool-aid and get it over with...

Get 'em all a cot so they can lie down.

Make sure their shoes are all in the right place. They may be lifted up at any moment.

They believe what they believe. They don't need to see no stinkin' facts.

Hold 'em accountable.

How far are Republicans willing to go to protect their Dear Leader ?

How much farther can they go?

Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader of the Senate, immediately came forth to announce that he was working hand-in-hand with the White House during this impeachment trial. Is this alright with anybody, anywhere?

Then he accuses Schumer of presenting a witness list in public without notifying him. It would have been better if Schumer had presented the list to the Majority Leader, as he was exiting FOX News studio.

As we speak, the Republican House is using parliamentary maneuvers to delay and obstruct the House from doing its job. How far are they willing to go?

They truly believe that Donald Trump is going to be a winning ticket in their districts in the next election, otherwise, they would not be hanging to his coattails so tightly.

However, a lot can happen in a year, and the voters might surprise them? That would be the end of the story. That would be as far as they go.

In the most basic form, it is about rule of law.

In our democracy, that we have chosen, no one is above the law.

We believe in our Constitution as a roadmap for our country.

It is a document of high ideals.

Whatever "grave" concerns we may hear today, whatever human disaster awaits us, let us all agree to adhere to the law.

People have a right to vote for or against. That's the way our system works.

Once we validate all the facts and look at all the evidence, we have the freedom to make our own decisions about the degree of seriousness.

This is an incredibly important debate for our country.
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