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How long should Speaker Pelosi hold up the Articles from the Senate?

No doubt, she would be constantly criticized by the Republicans, as she is already. Should she turn over the Articles as soon as they return from Christmas break?

Or should she continue to hold them back until she is assured of a fair trial in the Senate? Would the constant attacks hurt Pelosi and the Democrats? Or would it backfire on the Republicans because a huge majority actually support witnesses coming forth?

In my opinion, the attacks might hurt the Democrats in the short run, but in the long run (3 or 4 months) it will be a huge positive for Pelosi and the Democrats. They would need to take a stand and stick with it, for this to happen.

Nobody knows where Nancy stands on this at the moment. Many believe she will submit the Articles soon after they return. But, in my opinion, it will not harm the Democrats if she holds the Articles so long as McConnell and the Repubs refuse to have a fair trial.

Some have said the Senate could have a trial without the Articles? But, if they did, what would prevent the House from sending over the Articles as soon as they voted to acquit?

It's about "family values"...

...and morality, and character, and truth.

And Donald Trump has been severely lacking in all of the above.

There was a time when "family values" was the slogan of the Evangelical movement. But, no more.

They have shown themselves to be immoral, dishonest, and totally lacking in character. They pretend that abortion is the issue that balances everything out and that God is using an imperfect vessel to spread the gospel. They are hypocrites of the highest order. Under their rationale, Hitler was nothing more than an "imperfect vessel" and they would have supported him wholeheartedly.

It is about what is in front of us. It is not about some delusion or belief that we know God's purpose in using immorality, untruthfulness, and an evil character to further an insane political agenda.

Who are these folks that know God's purpose?

Would it be preferable to endure another term from Trump, rather than...

...have a violent revolt from Trump supporters on the right?

Sometimes that seems to be the threat that is mostly unsaid.?

Do you feel threatened by Trump supporters? Do you believe Trump wants you to feel threatenef?

Trump and McConnell on the phone to Republican Senators this weekend?

Trump will twist their minds and McConnell will twist their arms. They will be promised the world. The pressure will be unprecedented.

They desperately need the Republicans to hang together. They either hang together or they will hang separately.

Democrats must continue to tell the American people about the sham trial they are planning, as a cover-up to the charges. Republicans do not want witnesses that can tell the people the facts. They want to continue the crime spree.

Are there any Republicans strong enough to stave off the pressure from the White House and from Leader McConnell? Or will they wither under the pressure?

Democrats must continue to inform the citizens about what Trump and the Republicans are attempting to do.

The Lost Children of Christianity

The Bible warns of false prophets. It teaches that by your works you shall be known. Also, it teaches that a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit.

Whether a Christian or not, we should look at matters in a rational and factual way. Some may argue that religion is not rational or factual but that cannot excuse believers in not following the teaching of their religion.

There are those that follow Mr Trump because he promises them action on political issues they deeply care about, such as abortion and church vs state issues. Because of their intense political viewpoints, they are willing to overlook the most egregious of trespasses, including the "seven deadly sins". They have shown themselves to be willing to tolerate the most evil and hurtful behaviors as a political trade-off.

They may call themselves Christians, but their words and deeds do not reflect the teachings of their Bible. It is not enough to say that we are all sinners and then turn our eyes the other way.

One good deed does not balance out an evil deed. Christians should strive to be perfect all the time. It is not enough to be good half the time and to tolerate evil the rest of the time.

These so-called Christians are lost children. They have chosen to follow evil people that deceive them away from the teachings of Christ.

Just my opinion.

Speaker Pelosi could make an announcement.

That she has chosen her House Managers and will be able to send over the Articles of Impeachment as soon as Senators McConnell and Schumer come to an agreement on the rules.

This would put the onus on McConnell to come up with a compromise that is fair and impartial, so that the impeachment trial can begin.

Schumer will insist that there be witnesses. He and the Speaker can point to the recent poll where 71% of all Americans, including 64% of Republicans, believe there should be witnesses at a trial. That is a strong headwind to swim against.

Unfortunately, Senator McConnell is feeling undue pressure from Mr Trump to have an immediate trial and to get it over with quickly, so that he can be vindicated and exonerated of all charges. He may be putting Senator McConnell into an untenable position?

Personally, I do not think Speaker Pelosi has any intent on withholding the Articles any longer than is necessary for the Senate to get its butt in gear and do their job. At present , they are at an impasse and could do nothing, even if they had the Articles of Impeachment right now.

Trump criticizes Jesus: Says he likes religious heroes who weren't crucified.

Trump, in his usual counter-punch mode, said Jesus didn't know anything about children. He said it was a disgrace what Jesus was quoted as saying about rich people and the "eye of the needle". He said that he had asked the Italians to investigate him.

Furthermore, he accused Jesus of fraud by attempting to turn water into wine. He said Rudy had just got back from Rome and it was "unbelievable" what he had uncovered about the fake Messiah.

Mr Trump said he had spoken with his lawyers and was seriously considering filing a lawsuit against Jesus for his character attacks he had made against Mr Trump in the Sermon on the Mount. "It's all fake news!", Trump said in a rally to his supporters. "He should be in jail", he added.

"He's not just a half-bubble off.."

The dude is certifiably crazy.

The folks standing behind him at his rally in Michigan looked like people in some sort of sociological experiment. At times, they looked confused and uncomfortable.

Step right up! Enter into the big tent in the middle of the circus! See the insane person! Watch him strut across the stage like Mussolini, enjoying the praise heaped upon him. Watch him call people names and be rude and crude. Watch him attack dead people! Watch him do things that he thinks are funny. How do you know insanity? It is so far beyond the bounds of normalcy, that people cannot identify with the words or actions. The only reaction is to laugh nervously until the show is over.

We have a criminally insane person in the White House.

Can a Senate "trial" be legitimate if there are no witnesses?

There have been two impeachment trials in our history so there is very little precedence to go on. In both the Johnson and the Clinton trials, there were witnesses. However, with Clinton, the star witness was in a box, in the form of a blue dress.

But, it is difficult to see how anyone could have a legitimate "trial" without witnesses? The latest polls suggest that over 70% of the people believe there should be witnesses, including over 60% of Republicans. It is a very popular idea.

Donald Trump wants a "quick trial", as guaranteed by the Constitution. McConnell wants to help him get his quick trial. Because, in Kentucky, Mitch McConnell's polls are in the 30's and he is one of the least popular Senators in America. He needs Donald Trump because Trump is popular in Kentucky. He wants to hold on to Trump's coattails, believing it will drag him over the line as a victor. That is the gamble he has taken.

But, Trump does not want any witnesses. He wants a vote that vindicates him. He doesn't want a vote of 51-49 to convict. He needs a majority of Senators to say that he has been vindicated. It is not a winning message to say that you were impeached and convicted by a slim margin, but you were not removed? A lot is at stake in a Senate "trial".

A "Ghost Writer" slipped in and wrote a new script for the reality shit show.

Donald Trump was not supposed to be impeached. At the last minute, his PR and propaganda skills were supposed to change the minds of enough Democratic Congressmen to keep him from being impeached. But the script did not go according to plan.

He was impeached. The script was supposed to be that Mitch McConnell would conduct a quick sham trial and Donald Trump would be vindicated in the Senate. He would be totally exonerated, just like with the Mueller report. But, that doesn't appear to be the script they are following.

This is not The Apprentice. There are forces at work beyond the great liars and the master propagandists. They are a counterweight to the evil cruelty and deception.

It doesn't appear that the trial is going to happen that fast? There are new players coming into the script. Somebody else gets to determine who says, "You're fired!"
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