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Hugh Laurie - Swanee River (From Let Them Talk : Special Edition)

We have lived with this threat for 3 years.

Surely we can make it one more year?


Democrats were at a disadvantage from the beginning.

Republicans controlled the House and Senate and the White House, after the election in 2016. The Republicans appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel, to investigate themselves, after the discovery of the Russian communications with General Flynn, and a few other distasteful events. Democrats had little to say in the matter. They were in the minority.

It was like a chess game. Paul Ryan wanted to be a good leader. He was simply over-whelmed by all the politics. He wisely chose to leave, in my opinion.

Mitch McConnell wanted everyone to know that he had complete control of the Senate. He was going to get his choice of judges, including another Supreme Court Judge. (In hindsight, the resignation of Justice Anthony Kennedy looks more and more suspicious, in my opinion)

Democrats had very little power until they won back the House in 2018. Trump immediately shut down the government to show his appreciation.

The corruption was deep.

Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats had little choice, the criminality was so brazen and open, until a whistleblower came forward with some very significant information. They had the scripts and phone calls and first-hand witnesses, that attempted to explain what was going on with Giuliani and his "associates" in Ukraine. They discovered the plot.

If the new Ukraine president wanted funds for military support, he would need to go on TV (CNN) and say that they were investigating the Bidens... and withheld the funds from Ukraine, until the whistleblower came forward? Then the funds were released. (Even then, it was reported short) Trump turned over a transcript that indicated he wanted a favor from the Ukraine president. The Democrats, almost unanimously, voted to impeach.

We are where we are. Speaker Pelosi is expected to turn over the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, as soon as they are able to handle them in a fair and constitutional manner?

McConnell and Schumer need to agree on the rules.

It was reported that they have not spoken with each other since this past Tuesday? You cannot negotiate if you cannot talk. (Perhaps Mitch and Chuck could send "representatives" from each side to discuss the rules under which they will operate an impeachment "trial"?)

But, Pelosi is a very good leader. She will not force the issue for political reasons only. She will follow the Constitution. The question is: How long will it take Mitch and Chuck to come to some arrangement on the Senate rules?

Just my opinion.

Would Nancy Pelosi send Articles to Senate before SOTU speech by Trump?

And give Trump a national platform to crow about how he has been acquitted and exonerated?

Or would she prefer that Trump still be impeached but not yet tried in the Senate, when he makes his speech to the nation?

Or do you believe this is nothing they have thought about?



You are requested to put before the People any witnesses or evidence that may exculpate you from these charges.

It is not a "Witch Hunt" and it is not a "Hoax". It is a legal proceeding of the Constitution of the United States.

If you choose to not put forth any exculpatory evidence or witnesses, then the People have no choice but to presume guilt on your part.

No man is above the law. All Congressmen, Senators, and Presidents are "public servants" of the People and answer to the laws of our Constitution.

When they refuse to abide by these laws, they should forthwith be dismissed from the duties they swore to protect and defend.

If you were going on trial...?

Would you be on your Twitter machine talking trash about other people involved in the trial, such as the prosecutor or people that may have done you wrong, and screaming that you did nothing wrong and that it is the other people who are "crazy"?

Or would you be getting a good lawyer and putting your best defense forward?

How legal would it be? Could you be charged with a crime for interfering with the upcoming trial? Would it be an obstruction of justice or what?

Just curious...

Trump is attempting to brand "Crazy" Nancy the same way he did with "Crooked" Hillary.

But he had a much longer time frame to work with in regards to Hillary. It takes time for a "brand" to take hold. It is not likely to work with Nancy Pelosi.

He's a sleazy name-caller and that has appealed to his base. If Nancy Pelosi is "crazy", it is crazy like a fox. She has his number and his game isn't working with her.

He has become too predictable. He has no new plays in his game. All he can do is simmer in the knowledge that he is a loser. He has been impeached. By a woman.

If the Republicans were smart and really cared about this country.

They would find a way to keep the Articles of Impeachment in limbo. The Articles would be like the sword of Damocles over the head of Donald Trump. It would be a forced discipline upon him.

Knowing that if he veered too far off the trail, he could be removed from office, could act as a possible deterrent to some insane decision.

Republicans could play all the political games they wanted with their supporters but would keep the Articles of Impeachment hanging over the head of their Commander in Chief.

It would be a way for them to semi-protect our country as they maintained their base and their political futures.

To dispose of the Articles, by declaring Mr Trump acquitted, would be very unwise. They would endanger our country unnecessarily, with hopes that the "base" would embrace them.

But, it may be a little too much to expect Republicans to think of their country before Party?

The most despicable thing about Donald Trump?

And there is a lot.

But, for me, it is his penchant and desire to divide the American people. It is "division" that our nation cannot handle. It is the most destructive force our nation has ever faced or will face in the future.

I am convinced that if Donald Trump was sitting in the middle of the kettles of hell, he would still find a way to divide the poor souls between himself and Satan.

He uses division as a weapon against his enemies. And, up to this point, it has worked very well for him.

What will happen with Republican "conservatives" once Trump is out of office?

In their present manifestation, they are weak and disorganized. They have been replaced, by and large, by those exhorting the Trump Party. The sad fact for Republicans is that neither of them can survive without the other.

It is said that "nature abhors a vacuum". There will be a vacuum in national politics once Trump is gone. As much as they might wish to unite again as one Party, it will be very, very difficult for them to do so.

This is just my opinion, but I believe that if Trump was to win a second term, it would also partition the Democratic Party. They would not be capable of hanging together any longer. That would be a final straw for many in the Party. What would happen?

The establishment-types and conservatives would form a new Party, taking on many of the Republican residuals left over after the Trump fiasco and disaster. They would be the new "conservatives". The leftover progressives and allies would be the majority Party in the country.

In effect, the new Democratic Party would include many former Republicans. The two-Party system would likely cease to exist. Politics will be fragmented after Trump.

Just some Saturday morning political thoughts... Only for discussion purposes.

The impeachment "insurance" policy.

Nothing is predictable so long as the unfit and dishonest criminal sits in the White House. Anything could happen at any time. It could be extremely serious.

Many people believe that Donald Trump has gotten progressively worse in his mental state and does not have the ability to lead our country. He is a threat to our national security, whether or not Republicans are able to admit it.

This is a very critical time for our nation. If something terrible were to happen, that even Republicans could not stomach, the Articles of Impeachment are ready to be moved. That is one step that has been taken care of. Thanks to Pelosi and the Democrats, the process could be handled rather quickly.

It is little consolation that there is no other way to get rid of an unfit and unscrupulous president.

But the Articles are ready to go as soon as the blindly partisan Senate recognizes the danger our country now faces. It's a shame that "unfitness" is no longer enough to rid ourselves of sick and demented leaders.
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