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The Betrayal of America by a major Political Party

It would be much easier to impeach a president if he were not in bed with major political figures. The criminal scheme was not something simply created by Rudy Giuliani to please his buddy, Donald Trump.

It was a scheme where an entire Administration was complicit in its undertaking. Everyone from the State Dept to Defense Dept to the OMB to the Treasury to the Energy Dept to shady characters from Ukraine and Russia assisted Donald Trump in his efforts to advance his personal interests.

That alone would be a scandal and a betrayal of unprecedented historical significance.

But the unthinkable has now happened. An entire political Party has made a decision to support their president, regardless of what crimes have been committed. The Republican Party has joined Donald Trump wholeheartedly in betraying our nation.

It is unbelievable but it is happening.

The reason they protesteth so much, they have so much to hide.

Do not be deceived.

Imagine if you will, a video of Donald Trump and all the times he has abused his power and the times he has obstructed justice and the times he has betrayed our country and our principles. Would you need to see more?

I can only speak for myself, but I will not vote for any Democrat that votes to not get rid of this criminal. If you have not seen enough, you will never see enough, no matter what he does. If you cannot stand up for our country and our Constitution, you will never stand up.

Imagine a video of Donald Trump faking an orgasm by one of his enemies. After all, if you do not support Donald Trump, you are an enemy. You are not even an American.
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