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Trump had one last chance to defend himself and persuade the Congress he did nothing wrong.

He refused to participate.

The House Judiciary sent him the request to send a lawyer or representative to the hearing and he chose to vilify the process, rather than come forward with any type of defense.

It leaves open the question: Can there be a trial in the Senate if he simply refuses to show up? Can he sit back and blame everyone else for his crimes and expect the Republican sycophants in the Senate to cover for him?

It reminds me of the old story about how a suspect in a trial was told to "Go to hell!" He responded, "Well, I won't go, but I will send my lawyer."

That seems to be Trump's playbook.

Once upon a time, Republicans had a deep distrust of Donald Trump.

When Donald Trump won the Electoral College and became the new president, Republicans controlled the House, Senate, and the White House.

When General Flynn was discovered on the phone with the Russians, and then lied about it, it was the Republicans that forced him out as the National Security Advisor.

When Trump fired James Comey, and the Republican leadership was so disturbed by Trump's connections with the Russians, it was the Republicans that chose to hire Robert Mueller as the Special Counsel. He was hired by Rod Rosenstein, who was appointed by Donald Trump, because AG Jeff Sessions had recused himself.

What happened to the Republicans since the early days of the Trump Administration? What happened to their once deep distrust of Donald Trump??

Now, they say that the Democrats have "hated" Donald Trump since his first day in office.

They lie to the American people when they pretend that they have loved Donald Trump since the day he came down the golden escalator.

" If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."



We are trying to show him not only what we are fighting against, but what we are fighting for. So many of these boys have only a very hazy idea of the real issues of the war. About all they see is “going back to the good old days.” This is a dangerous state. If they don’t stand for something, they will fall for anything. They need to realize that we are fighting two wars—the war of arms and the war of ideas—that other war of which the war of arms is one phase.

Down To The River To Pray - Alison Krauss

What is Rudy doing in Ukraine?

Is he working for Donald Trump or is he working for Rudy Giuliani?

Is he the "capodecina" for the Don? Or is he working for himself?

Why would he be talking with the Russian "oligarchs"?

Was Nancy right? Do all roads lead to Putin?

Even with an impeachment hearing about to begin, they are still busy trying to make a deal with some unsavory underworld character. Nothing seems to slow down the criminal activity?

Donald Trump has been mostly silent on this subject.

White House has been notified that they have until 5 p.m. today to submit the names of individuals..

..that they wish to defend them in the Judiciary hearing? The White House, as usual, have shown little interest in what the Congress might want. It is my understanding that this does not refer to the Senate trial?

Will the White House ignore the opportunity to defend themselves in front of the Congress of the United States? Meanwhile, Rudy scouts the Ukraine looking for more deals from Russian oligarchs.

It's not a Democratic issue. It's not a Republican issue. It is an American issue.

It is not about either Party. It is about our country.

People should be united on that message, in my opinion.

America is not a joke.

Stand United.

After the impeachment and after the Senate trial...

There will be more impeachable offenses uncovered. There will be more witnesses to testify.

The impeachment of Donald J Trump will look more and more credible.

The Republicans will look more and more complicit. If they think they can hide Donald Trump for another year, they have seriously miscalculated.

They will regret the day they acquitted Donald Trump.

They are set up to make one of the biggest blunders in their political Party's history.

Republicans argue that Democrats have been trying to impeach Donald Trump since Day One

I would argue that Donald Trump has been trying to impeach himself since Day One.

He was showing his scofflaw tactics even before he was inaugurated. His disregard for the Constitution and the law were on full display for all to see.

When he hired Paul Manafort, red flags went up all over. When he fired James Comey and publicly attacked the FBI and the "deep state", he was well on his way to impeaching himself. In fact, Nancy Pelosi once stated that Donald Trump would "self-impeach".

Mr Trump truly believed that Article II permitted him to do whatever he wanted, without any guidelines or rules of law.

Now, the Republicans are accusing the Democrats of wanting to impeach Donald Trump since Day One. It's all about politics because they lost the election in 2016, they say.

The truth of the matter is that the Republicans controlled the House, Senate, and the White House up to March of this year, when the Democrats took control of the House, after Trump's government shutdown.

But, that never slowed down Mr Trump. He continued his reckless and lawless ways and now he is going to be impeached.

It's about time.

Turley is weak.

He is suggesting that there can be no "Obstruction of Justice" unless it is against the Supreme Court.

Since the Supreme Court is not given the duty of oversight of the Executive Branch, it would be a dereliction of duty for the Congress to forfeit their Constitutional duties to the Supreme Court, it seems to me?

It is the sole responsibility of Congress to impeach and to file charges against the President. It is up to the Senate to rule on it.

I do not believe Turley is making very valid arguments.
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