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Trump wants to call the Bidens, Adam Schiff, and the Whistleblower...

...to testify in front of the Senate trial.

No doubt, this will tempt the Democrats to ask for the testimony of Devin Nunes, Sen, Ron Johnson, Mitch McConnell, VP Pence, and Donald Trump.

Surely they will be able to negotiate some reasonable compromise?

Maybe they will decide to call only those witnesses that are relevant to the charges against Donald Trump?

McConnell will attempt to placate Donald Trump and Democrats should prepare themselves for some underhanded deal from McConnell.

Do the Democrats have the votes to impeach?

I think there will be very few defections on the Democratic side. Perhaps a half-dozen or less.

At this time, no Republicans are expected to vote with the Democrats, although Justin Amash, former Republican, is expected to vote to impeach.

It shows the huge hill to climb to change the public opinion in this country. It also shows the extent that right-wing media has over Republican voters in this country. In many instances, it is nothing more than state-run television.

Nancy Pelosi is to be commended for her courage and leadership in standing up to protect our Constitution. She may be the only leader in Washington with the guts to do so?

The Democrats will follow their hearts and their consciences to impeach Donald J Trump. At this time, the Republican Senate does not seem to have a plan?

The Democrats have the votes and they will use them in a historic and courageous decision.

"The phone call was perfect".

No, it wasn't.

But it is important to point out that the "perfect" phone call is not the only evidence against Mr Trump. There has been a pattern of corruption and disrespect for the law for three years.

There have been lies stacked on lies, told to the American people. "Sure, I will release my tax returns as soon as they are out of audit", he said. Now, he is fighting it all the way to the Supreme Court to keep the people from knowing what is in his tax returns.

The dealings with the Russians, with the help of Paul Manafort and his Ukrainian connections, are happening even as we speak. Rudy Giuliani and his corrupt gang are attempting to replicate the 2016 election, with foreign help. It is beyond the level of toleration.

The Congress, an equal Branch of government, has been denied witnesses and documents from the White House, in an effort to cover up their misdeeds, or at the very least, to obstruct a legal impeachment investigation by the House of Representatives. This has happened over and over again.

It is about much more than a "perfect phone call", however much Mr Trump likes to talk about it.

JIM CROCE - I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song

What witnesses would be exempt from testifying in an impeachment trial?

Would that be Donald Trump and Mike Pence? Or Mike Pompeo?

Of course, Donald Trump wants to question Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and even, Adam Schiff. He claims it is they that have betrayed the nation?? It is they that have made deals and bribed foreign leaders?

So, who's the Arbitrator?

Should the House debate the Articles of Impeachment ?

Some folks believe it is too divisive to debate on the floor. It would just divide the country even further.

But, I think it could be done.

If Speaker Pelosi were to allot two Fridays to debate the issue. That would be December 13th and December 20th. Nearing the Christmas season, it would give them time to reflect with their families, and make the decision that they truly believe to be in the best interests of their nation.

Only those two Fridays would be permitted for debate on the matter.

It might work under those circumstances?

It would give the Senate time to work on the rules that they want for the Senate trial. They will be cursing Nancy Pelosi all the way. But they cannot question her courage and patience.

There will be a full vote in the full House on the Articles of Impeachment. It is a very serious matter. Each Congressman should be giving heart and conscience to the process.

Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and Chief Justice Roberts should be meeting to discuss the rules of the Senate, also, in the event of a Senate trial.

Should they debate before they vote?

Per request of Donald Trump, Giuliani goes back to Ukraine to manufacture "more dirt" on Biden.

I guess he must think that is a lot different than having the president of Ukraine digging up dirt?

It doesn't matter who he sends to Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent, it is still illegal. It is a campaign violation.

So Rudy is going to return with all this hard evidence that Joe Biden accepted a bribe, gotten from all his disreputable friends from the past. Because someone said so. It must be true.

Rudy is not credible. Donald Trump should be charged with another Article of Impeachment for sending him over on such an errand. He still doesn't know it is illegal? You cannot accept campaign assistance from a foreign country. Period.

Subpoena him to come before the Senate to testify. Let John Roberts decide the legality of it. It doesn't have to go all the way to the Supreme Court. He believes he can skate away from it all and that he is above the law. Somebody needs to make a ruling that no one is above the law. If it cannot be done in a Senate trial, then we have to assume he is above the law. Our democracy, as we have known it, is no more.

Donald Trump keeps breaking the law, over and over.

Are we supposed to believe it is "normal" to do what Giuliani and Nunes are doing?

Or what Trump is doing with his shadow State Dept that is off on their own making deals for God knows who, is normal??

Or that ignoring our laws and our Constitution, is normal?

Or threatening our democracy and our national security, is normal?

If you are one that believes that Trump is OK and normal with his words and actions, then you have your head up your ass.

No one can accept such defective thinking.

Which Articles of Impeachment?

Our national security was betrayed. Treason.

Withheld funds from Ukraine, without Congressional approval, to get the president of Ukraine to investigate his political opponents. Bribery.

Refused to cooperate, with the constitutional duties of the Congress in an impeachment trial, by refusing to let anyone in his Administration testify before the Congress. Obstruction of Congress.

In the Mueller investigation, with people under oath, there were several instances of attempts to block or obstruct the investigation. He attempted to fire the Special Counsel. In one instance, he wanted his White House Counsel to change the official record to cover for his criminality. Obstruction of Justice.

There were four Articles against Bill Clinton but the Congress only approved two of them. They could have impeached with just one Article.

The same should apply here.

They should pass articles on Treason, Bribery, Obstruction of Congress, and Obstruction of Justice. They can put any additional charges under one of the Four above. It is an umbrella big enough to hold all the charges against Mr Trump, in my opinion.

The media is pushing the story: What happens if impeachment causes Democrats to lose next election?

There is little doubt that if Trump wins the next election and Republicans take the House and Senate, it will be blamed on the impeachment vote.

But, no one can guarantee it will be different if Democrats do not impeach.

On this issue, I stand 100% behind Speaker Pelosi. The defense of our Constitution is more important than any election. It's sad that so many politicians in Washington do not understand that.

We should ask ourselves: What happens if Donald Trump is not convicted in the Senate? How bad will it get? How bold will he become when he realizes he has the Senate behind him, no matter what he might do?

It is an historic time. It is a time we must all take a stand.

It is a fight which we must have. If we lose, the country loses. But the Constitution must be defended.

At all costs.
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