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Disrupt and Confuse

This is what Donald Trump wants in the Senate trial. It will take only two or three Senators to disrupt the proceedings, if they so desire. Trump should have little trouble finding Senators to do his bidding.

No doubt, McConnell is looking for 51 votes to carry his agenda. Primarily, that would be to end the trial as soon as possible. That may be more difficult than he now imagines.

However, things do not always go according to plan. Once the gravity and seriousness of the proceeding is recognized and accepted, the trial may become longer and more thorough than presently anticipated. Trump's pre-conceived narrative for his impeachment trial may not go the way he plans?

The IGs (Inspector Generals) are usually the last word in government internal investigations.

But Trump and Barr are not ready to take the word of the Justice Dept IG as the final word. They have hired another guy that Trump is calling Bull Durham, a US Attorney, for the final word on the matter?

It was questionable when Barr agreed there should be an investigation of the Russia investigation.

Now, we find that he is not ready to accept the report of the IG?

Perhaps he didn't like the way it was reported that the FBI did not operate with political bias? Or he may just be saying that because Trump wants him to say it? It shoots his insane conspiracy theory in the heart. So, now, we will wait on Mr Durham to give his report?

Maybe they should hire someone else to investigate, just in case Mr Durham does not say everything they want?

Ignore the truth. Keep investigating until you find a report that you like seems to be the modus operandi?

Whose idea was it to have Lavrov in the White House yesterday?

On the very same day that Articles of Impeachment are introduced?

Does anyone doubt that Lavrov was representing Putin?

Trump bellows that he is the most "transparent" president ever! And we don't even know what they talked about?

We can continue to pretend to be ignorant or we can open our eyes and see what is in front of us.

Whose idea was it? Reportedly, it had been planned for quite some time?

What would they discuss?

The oxygen has been shut off to Barr's brain...

...because he has his nose so far up Trump's ass, he can't breathe anymore.

His garbled thoughts and attempts to rationalize Trump's criminality indicates that he has forgotten that he is supposed to be the nation's lawyer, not the lawyer for Donald Trump.

To listen to Barr, you would think Trump did nothing to be investigated for? The Russian interference in our elections seemed to not bother him at all.

It shows that he is incompetent and complicit in the crimes and cover-ups of Donald Trump. He, too, has earned an impeachment.

Why two Articles are a brilliant idea!

Both require a minimal number of witnesses. Abuse of power will only require examples. Whereas, obstruction of Congress will require a debate about the Constitution and how much power should be in the hands of Congress and how much power should be in the hands of the Executive. It is a debate that can only help our country in the long run, in my opinion.

For example, obstruction of Justice would require witnesses and the House does not wish for the Senate to be a circus, just a representative body for the American people. Much of it can be umbrellaed under abuse of power.

You mean, it wasn't a "witch hunt" or a "hoax", after all?

It was a legitimate investigation, as reported by the Justice Dept's IG.

What do we do now with all these used sheets and tiki torches?

This is really depressing as all hell to Trump supporters and believers.

There is no hope that any Republicans will look at the evidence and change their mind...

...so Democrats are left on their own to defend our country and our Constitution.

Is it important enough to impeach the president of the United States?

It is not just about one phone call to the president of Ukraine.

It is about a pattern of criminality and threatening the national security of the country. It didn't happen with just one phone call. It just so happens that is the one they have a transcript for. That is the evidence.

There were multiple statements made under oath that shows Donald Trump was attempting to obstruct the investigation of Robert Mueller. He made threats to witnesses and waved pardons in front of those he did not want to talk. He attacked our allies and praised Putin. Every time he acted in a major way, it helped Russia and Putin. He stood on a stage in Helsinki and praised Putin over his own America. He had a phone call with the leader of Turkey and immediately decided to withdraw American troops that were supporting the Kurds. They were left at the mercy of their enemies.

Whether it is about politics, or hatred, or criminality, it doesn't matter. It doesn't have to be "criminal" to be an impeachable offense. The obstruction of a legitimate investigation, the obstruction of the Legislative Branch of government, by blocking witnesses and documents, the misuse of power for personal use over national security, are all impeachable offenses. There should be no questions from even one American that there has been widespread disrespect for the law and for our Constitution.

So, Democrats are at a place in history where they must choose the side that is right, that is moral, and that is constitutional. They must feel in their hearts that they have made the right decision.

In my opinion, the House should impeach and send the Articles of Impeachment to the US Senate to adjudicate. The Senators should be forced to make a decision on this matter. Regardless of who might benefit politically, they should be confronted with the Constitution of the United States. They should be exposed to all the facts and all the evidence.

Whether or not any Republicans join the effort to hold a lawless president accountable, it is the right thing to do. History will not be kind to the Republicans that have defended and promoted these illegal behaviors.

"Yes...yes, I do believe there was spying"...- AG William Barr

He believed just as Donald Trump believed. The FBI and all our intel agencies conspired to spy on Donald Trump.

Today, the IG is expected to blow that conspiracy theory out of the water. Bill Barr looks as foolish as his client, Donald Trump.

Barr's lack of judgement and his inclination to wild-eyed conspiracy theories show him not to be a very credible official. It is expected that AG Barr will discount the IG's report that contradicts his belief that the FBI was illegally spying on the Trump campaign. In fact, the IG is expected to say that the FBI investigation was responsible and right considering the evidence they were working with. They were perfectly legitimate.

This should force the Congress to re-examine all of Mr Barr's decisions, including his abrupt and unwise end to the Mueller investigation. Mr Barr has become a national security threat with his conspiracy ideas and actions. He should be called forth to explain himself.

The Ukraine investigation only validates the Mueller investigation.

The "No Collusion" chants during the Mueller investigation are brought into sharp relief. It now appears that the Ukraine investigation was a repeat of the Russia investigation. He was willing to accept campaign help from Ukraine. In fact, he was demanding it.

There is now little doubt but that he was operating with the same goals during the Mueller investigation.

However, it was shut down prematurely by the new AG, William Barr.

The Congress cannot overlook the high crimes and misdemeanors that took place, as documented by the Mueller investigation. It now looks more credible than ever.

It is a crime against our nation. The Mueller investigation must be considered in the impeachment proceedings.

Cooler heads will prevail.

Anger and emotion are obviously high going into this impeachment hearing.

Stick to the facts and the evidence. Keep trying to get the Republicans to talk about the facts and the evidence.

One person, a Trump supporter it appears, has already been escorted out of the hearing.

The obvious strategy of the Republicans is to disrupt and challenge the parliamentary rules and create a general chaos.

Someone once noted that politicians are like babies. They need to be changed regularly AND usually for the same reason.
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