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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
January 1, 2024

America at the Crossroads

If we make the wrong turn, it could be the end of America - as the world has known it for the last 80 years.

Do we choose justice or appeasement?

Do we choose lies and deception or truth?

Do we choose democracy or dictatorship?

Do we choose hope and equality or hatred and violence?

Do we choose freedom or something dark and unknown?

The choice is upon us.

January 1, 2024

Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

January 1, 2024

Is Trump trying to intimidate the Supreme Court?

I saw a video this morning from MeidasTouch that showed a post by the Great Stinky and he was suggesting that the Court would rule against him, both on the immunity charge and the ballot issues, because they were influenced by "politics".

In effect, his comments were attempting to do just that.

He is becoming more desperate by the minute.

January 1, 2024

The New Year starts off with a 7.5 earthquake off coast of western Japan.

Perhaps it is just an indicator of the turbulent year ahead of us?

This first week in January might tell us what direction our politics and our Supreme Court are headed. It appears that Trump will now be on the ballot in Colorado, with the recent appeal by the Colorado GOP? He was originally scheduled to be removed on January 5th.

Just about two weeks until the Iowa caucuses and we will see if the 'stinky" label has stuck to the Teflon Don. Nothing else has stuck up to this point. But, it might be the most trivial matter that makes the geniuses in the MAGA movement take notice?

We should expect turmoil in the weeks and months ahead. The hit dogs are barking and the guilty parties are screaming their innocence. They threaten violence if anyone attempts to hold them to account.

The GOP Convention is scheduled to be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the middle of July. They will have to decide if they want the criminal Trump as their candidate or someone else. No doubt, it will be an historic time.

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