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Clever video..Trump, Kim Jung Un & putin


A sliver of hope in Kansas

With a nod to Easter..perhaps the US IS a "Christian nation"

BBC - The Passion - Articles - Judas
Judas was one of the 12 disciples closest to Jesus. Judas offered to betray Jesus(USA) to the religious (RUSSIAN) authorities. They agreed to pay him 30 pieces of silver for doing so. Jesus(USA) knew that Judas was going to do this, but took no action to stop him.


Trump is kind of like Judas..willing to sell us out for "30 pieces of silver"...

I like the Pappias explanation

Not a happy camper

Talk to the stubby-fingered hand

Who remembers Rick Sanchez?

Apparently, he works for RT now...

a trip down memory lane...you have to watch a few seconds of a sports thing, but it's worth it..

American Children Are Developing British Accents


American Children Are Developing British Accents Watching Too Much ‘Peppa Pig’
By Timothy Roberts

Just in case you have been completely out of the loop in recent years, it’s a good idea for you to get familiar with Peppa Pig. Preschoolers absolutely love this little pig, which is a British cartoon directed and produced by Astley Baker Davies and Entertainment One. It first aired in 2004 in the UK.

Although it got its start in the UK, it is now popular worldwide. It follows Peppa, who is a pig on their adventures along with their family and friends. Along with the popular television show, there are plenty of opportunities for parents to spend money by picking up all of the Peppa Pig merchandise.

It is now being referred to as the Peppa Effect and it seems to be relatively common. The voice that young children are mimicking is of Harley Bird, a 16-year-old voice actor in the UK. She started voicing the beloved pig when she was only five years old and considering the popularity of the show, it’s no surprise that she makes up to $1300 per hour. Harley is pocketing some $15,000 per week according to some sources.

“Harley is the most successful teenage voiceover artist in Britain right now. She is hot property and easily earns £1,000 an hour.”


We may have to wait until January 2021

Democratic president/senate/house

emergency meeting to select a new AG...

that new AG DEMANDS the full report and accompanying investigative materials...AND a comprehensive meeting with Mueller..

That's the ONLY way we will ever truly know what happened..and once there is a realistic redaction done, it gets RELEASED,,, If it's found that Rosenstein/Whitaker/Barr were part of a deliberate cover-up they get indicted..

At that point, it's not a big deal what happens to Trumpster. I think he'll be in enough hot water elsewhere along with his "children"..

There also needs to be a comprehensive look at executive power and protocols..and REAL laws put in place to guard against another criminal/spy occupying the WH.

Micro lofts in a VERY old mall...great idea


Woman lives in oldest mall in America after 48 abandoned shops are turned into homes

14:46, 21/03/2019

Our awareness of tiny homes has increased over the past few years, but many of the wonderful examples we’ve seen consist of freestanding, outdoor units. Micro lofts bring the concept indoors.

Providence, Rhode Island is one place where you’ll find these small apartments catching on. They are housed in The Arcade, an 1829 architectural gem and America’s oldest indoor shopping mall. The building itself has been through several rounds of restorations and became a national landmark in the 1970s.

Three levels make up the shopping center, with the first floor being dedicated to retail shops and the second and third floors being tiny lofts. Evan Granoff, the owner, wanted to convert the unused space into something livable and affordable.

There are 48 apartments in The Arcade, and unit sizes are between 225 to 800 square feet. Each comes with basic built-in furniture: a bed with drawers, cushioned bench/seating, refrigerator, and shelves. Since The Arcade is zoned as a rooming house, cooking ranges are not allowed, but microwaves are fine.

snip for much more... the video is fantastic too..

British Airways Plane Lands In Edinburgh By Accident..(flight was to land in Dusseldorf)


Passengers on a British Airways plane were shocked when their flight destined for Dusseldorf, Germany, landed in Edinburgh, Scotland, by accident.Flight BA3271 took off from London City Airport earlier today (March 25), and has since been redirected to the correct destination, finally landing in Dusseldorf.

Being awful with directions and maps, I often end up nowhere near where I should be, but a plane landing in the wrong country is something else.

According to BBC News, German firm WDL Aviation ran the flight on behalf of British Airways as part of a leasing deal.The plane followed the wrong flight plan after paperwork was submitted incorrectly, something both air traffic control and the pilot didn’t notice as they were following the instructions laid out in the documents.

WDL Aviation and British Airways are now looking into what happened

People then became frustrated, asking cabin crew if the pilot was being serious and for an explanation.

Sophie added:

The pilot said he had no idea how it had happened. He said it had never happened before and that the crew was trying to work out what we could do.

It became very frustrating. The toilets were blocked and they ran out of snacks. It was also really stuffy.

The plane was sat on the tarmac at Edinburgh for two-and-a-half hours.


USC ... Revoke the Degrees of Alumni Who Got in Through Bribery

MAR 22, 2019


USC could start revoking alumni degrees for people they believe were admitted via the college admissions bribery scandal, a source told TMZ.

When news came out last week that over 50 high-profile parents, including Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, had been implicated in a fraud scheme to get their kids into top colleges like USC, the school started investigating. A source said USC found eight alumni who they think got admitted through fraud.

They believe all eight of them used the same Athletic Placement Services scheme that Olivia Jade and her sister Bella used. Basically, they were allegedly admitted to the school because they were designated as recruits for sports teams, even though they didn't play those sports.

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