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Trump attends a MAGA wedding


Ivanka congratulated Boris Johnson on becoming the next Prime Minister of United Kingston 🤦‍♂️

Ivanka Trump Congratulates Boris Johnson On Becoming Prime Minister Of ‘United Kingston’
BY : EMILY BROWN ON : 23 JUL 2019 15:15

Apparently the United Kingdom isn’t the only place with a new Prime Minister because Ivanka Trump just congratulated Boris Johnson on becoming the leader of the ‘United Kingston’.

The new PM was voted in by 159,000 Conservative party members today (July 23), meaning Johnson is the head of the household, and the country, in his new residence at 10 Downing Street following Theresa May’s resignation last month.


Shortly after the result was announced, Ivanka took to Twitter to share some kind words with the politician; a courteous move from one person adjacent to power to another actually gaining some.

Another oopsie with cat filter (murder press conference)


Police Accidentally Livestream Murder Press Conference With Cat Filter
BY : EMILY BROWN ON : 22 JUL 2019 16:56

There’s a time and a place for using the cat filter on Facebook and I think we could all agree a press conference about murder is not one of those occasions, but unfortunately the technology got the best of police in Canada.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police held a conference on Friday (July 19) where they shared details about a double homicide involving 24-year-old American Chynna Noelle Deese and 23-year-old Australian Lucas Robertson Fowler, who were found dead on a remote highway earlier this week.

The event was serious and sombre, as would be expected, but those watching on Facebook live were baffled by the stark contrast of the nature of the news and the image of the person delivering it.


If Trump manages to cheat his way into a win,

He will pressure Thomas to resign
As much as we love her, Ginsberg cannot last forever
Breyer is getting old, and might be susceptible to pressure..


Trump would replace those three with THREE 40-something zealots..

and for the next FORTY years (at least) we have a 7-2 split..

Kagan & Sotomayor may as well take up knitting, just cast a standing opposition vote & watch Nexflix all day long.

I made the yummiest pork tenderloin for dinner

It was EASY and delish.. The recipe is from Recipe Tin

I downloaded 3 of her cookbooks and cannot wait to try more of them.. She has videos/recipe ingredient list (for shopping) and easy to follow instructions..I paired it with rice

https://www.recipetineats.com/pork-tenderloin-with-honey-garlic-sauce/ is the one I made last night

Ever since my husband died, I have been religiously paring down stuff I have in the freezer.. Found a pork tenderloin and decided I wanted something different from the ways I usually cooked it..

The gravy this made is excellent

Just barely dark here, and our neighborhood is booming

It's been bone dry, so we'll probably get some unintentional fires

My 4th of July wish for Donald's party

Or something like it.

My Presidents

Truman was president when I was born.. I was a baby, what did I know?

Eisenhower was my early childhood president . I actually met him TWICE. He was touring The Canal Zone and he attended a baseball game and I shook his hand through a fence. He seemed so old.. and then two days later, my girl scout troop did some dumb dance at an event he attended. He was in the front row and waved (actually just a general wave, but since I had met him a few days earlier, I thought he waved at ME)

Kennedy was my early-teenaged years' president. We all thought he was the coolest ever.. Young-ish, tanned , had a pretty young wife and his kids were soooo cute. we all know how that ended

LBJ (my teen years president) was thrust into power, and if he could have only put an immediate end to the VietNam war, he could have accomplished so much more. Even with VN, he still managed to create Medicare and ushered in Civil Rights laws. He could have been so much more, but my guess is that he was just plain worn out, and was tired of fighting.

Nixon was my young-adult president and he was a class-A jerk. Looked greasy and shifty..and WAS. He did start the EPA, but that's the only positive thing I remember about him.

Ford came along as a place-holder, with all the intensity of a three-day-old bowl of oatmeal left on the counter

Carter was a total unknown to me. He was a smart guy, and other than the fact that he was a Bible-thumping peanut farmer, I knew nothing about him. He seemed out of his depth to me. I felt sorry for him that he had to deal with the hostage crisis right off the bat but he never really got his footing. He was a decent man and is a far better ex-president than any other. Newsweek Magazine published MY quote prior to the election. I was a minor celeb in my family, and at my job for about a week. My coworkers and I were chilling at the fountain in front of work and a guy with a microphone asked me a question...who'd-a-thunk-it?

Reagan pretty much canceled our once-bright futures, just as Boomers were getting started. Never liked any of his movies or tv shows, and his presidency was a bust as far as I was concerned.

Bush1 was a ghost. I saw nothing of any importance in the man. He always seemed small to me.(He was actually pretty tall). His voice annoyed me to no end. This was prior to fancy remotes (in our household) so I would always have to get up and change the channel. (Got some exercise)

Clinton was just a pudgy southerner, as far as I was concerned. I did not mind the draft-dodger thing because had I been a guy, I would have moved heaven and earth to dodge too. He always seemed wishy-washy to me. I always felt sorry for Chelsea..she always looked like she wanted to be ANYWHERE else. Clinton's personal failing led him to do things that did him and us no favors, and we live with many things today we probably should not have to, had he not been forced to kowtow to republicans.

Bush2, the world's dumbest president (until 2016, at least). I'd like to say something positive about him, but I just cannot.

Obama had great support and was intelligent, charismatic and genuine, but he allowed himself to be boxed in. He seriously thought he could work with republicans, but failed to see that they had ZERO interest in anything but sabotage. His presidency was a 2 termer, but little of anything he did would last. He rose above it, but the rest of us have not.

Trump is just a piece of work (as well as any other piece of ........ we can imagine) I always hold out hope that he'll do a Jerry Ford and tumble his fat ass down the steps of AF1, but so far the toilet paper shoe trick is all we've gotten. Hope springs eternal.

Here's hoping we get a good one next time. THIRTEEN presidents....I'm not sure I have time for many more..but I still hold out hope we are done with LOSERS for a while

$750 a day to "care" for the kids? A better solution

Offer $750 a day to local Spanish-speaking families to HOST these kids..

Put ankle bracelets on them if necessary to track them, but put them into families who could surely find a comfy space for them, and who would spend that windfall ($5250 a week) locally...

Let the border nazis find something else to do..take down the tents and return the "former-Walmarts" to their empty building status.

Government Accidentally Turns On Cat Filter During Facebook Live

BY : EMILY BROWN ON : 17 JUN 2019 09:08
Members of Pakistan’s government were accidentally turned into big-eyed, pink-eared kitties during a meeting recently when someone switched on the cat filter during Facebook Live.

All it takes to add a filter these days is the quick swipe of a screen and while many social media users utilise the effects to help them transform into adorable animals, it’s not really a good look when it comes to official business.

The provincial government of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were conducting a press briefing, held by KP’s Information Minister Shoukat Yousafza, at the time, and to ensure all interested parties could witness the event they decided to stream it live.

snip for more pics
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