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This just in:.. Kaiser emailed me

Moving forward with your health in mind

About the Supreme Court Ruling on the Affordable Care Act

The Supreme Court decision on the federal health care reform law has settled much of the legal uncertainty over how the law will be carried out.

As a Kaiser Permanente member, you need not be concerned about any disruption to your coverage and care resulting from the court's decision.


We are also reviewing the court's decision to determine how it may affect the law's expansion of Medicaid coverage to millions of Americans, which is planned to begin in 2014.


They left a reply box..so I DID:

I am THRILLED to see that the bastards in the republican party did not manage to sink this wonderful plan we have needed for DECADES.

Perhaps in my lifetime, I will eventually be able to CHOOSE my medical facility and my doctors and not be compelled to choose between Kaiser or nothing.

Thanks for your "concern"..

The Lost Generation


Powerful Slideshow from Reuters.


(photo would not copy since it's a slideshow)

It's got young people all over the world, and their "menial" jobs they all do to just get by..

Photo 13 / 17

Steffen Andrews, a 24 year-old waiter, serves a customer at Sunny Blue restaurant in Santa Monica, California, April 24, 2012. Andrews studied for four and a half years at Cabrillo College where he received a degree in communications. He came to Los Angeles to work in the film industry but is now unsure what career he wants to pursue.
REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

I'd like to "kill" a word

The word is "access".

What a phony-baloney wiggle-word.

ACCESS is NOT the problem.

Most insurance companies will issue policies for most people who ask for a quote.

Every medical facility I have ever seen, has ample parking, driveways, customer service people. There are doctors & nurses too.

Hospitals are "accessible" also.

Unless you are comatose, and have no helpers, MOST people can "access" a care facility/hospital/doctor.

What most CANNOT do though, is figure out a way to PAY FOR IT.

I wish our legislators would stop pretending that "access" is the issue here.

It"s the MONEY..and the lack of it for most people

Dateline: July 11, 2012--House of Representatives

(for the uninformed, that's the date they will repeal Obamacare)

House Republicans schedule vote to repeal health care law
By Lisa Mascaro / Tribune Washington Bureau
Thursday, June 28, 2012 - Updated 40 minutes ago
WASHINGTON — House Republican leaders today set a vote in two weeks to repeal the nation’s health care law — a largely symbolic act that is not be expected to go anywhere in the Democratic-led Senate.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., said the vote will be July 11.

“The House will once again vote to repeal ObamaCare,” the leader said in a tweet.

House Republicans already voted to get rid of the law in one of their first acts in taking the majority in 2011. They had promised another vote after the Supreme Court decision.


Perfect visual for Tea Party "feelings" today

Poor Mittens.. Someone needs to get him some scissors & a cop uniform

so he can go to SCOTUS to "cut some hair"..

How Obama now can win.

Ladies & Gentlemen, we MUST remove republicans from the House & Senate, so that health care mandate APPROVED by SCOTUS can now be implemented.

We are series..Hugh Fail

We are Series...Hugh Fail

SUPER FAIL ...CNN and FOX get major story (on Obamacare) completely wrong...


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