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Here's the facebook page for the band in Paris

Not sure of the validity, but supposedly the band is at a police station, but they are not sure about all of the crew


Otis Driftwood "UPDATE 2: The wife of Eagles Of Death Metal drummer Julian Dorio has told The Washington Post that the band members are safe. “We are just holding our breath and saying prayers for everyone,” she says. “He called to say that he loved me and he was safe. Everyone on stage was able to get off.” French president François Hollande has declared a state of emergency and closed the country’s borders."
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Here's a nice site about Syria ( we westerners know very little about the place)


there's a wealth of info on other places too

Our son's killer business trip is finally over

...46 days, 8 countries, 17 stops, 4 ferries, 3 rental cars, 9 hotels and uncounted taxi rides..29,896 miles in the air, just few hours to go and the world tour will end..

This was his final "road trip" facebook post=

and according to his wife, he has to go back to Singapore next month.. (his 6th trip there this year )

Thank goodness, he's a good traveler

He discovered some future vacation spots for them too,, Finland...Estonia..Costa Rica and Boston

Girl kicked off cheer-leading team ..won't straighten her hair

HOUSTON - Makayla Fallaw loves tumbling and cheering. She also loves her naturally thick, curly hair. But ... was told to leave her cheerleading team when her mother said she couldn't straighten Makayla's hair to match the rest of the girls for a competition.

Makayla has been practicing at Woodlands Elite Cheer Company's location near her family's home in Tomball five days a week since April, her mother, Jenny Fallaw, said. The family has spent nearly $2,000 on uniforms, makeup, hair bows and fees.


When you see her pics, you will first be amazed at her AGE..

She's 11....

This girl will not be cheer-leading for long..( I hope she;s got a level head on her shoulders)

Deer wanders into baby photo shoot


several aaaaw-ish pics

From the "eew" file..new calendar

A novel way to raise campaign money
I'll post the link.. I refuse to post the pic..not dirty pics..just a bit overly republican

Nevada politician Michele Fiore releases pin-up calendar to show she really (really) likes guns


I'll post the link.. I refuse to post the pic..not dirty pics..just a bit overly republican

Oooh.. Delicious....Dr Ben is raising his voice

demanding that the press investigate why Obama's records at Columbia are sealed

and claiming that it's HIS job to call them out for not investigating Obama


now he said a reporter was lying

So, Paul Ryan is getting a $49,500.00 a year raise

and he still plans to fly home to Wisconsin every week? That seems to be an issue for me.

He claims that he needs to spend time with his family.. Why not have his family come to DC (or near by). His kids are still young, and could surely enjoy the experience of DC..

The money spent on travel and his increase would surely go a long way towards a nice lifestyle for the family.

Speaker of the house is a job that requires a lot of time..and he seems to not be willing to put in the time..


Would it be legal if a teacher had a basket on his/her desk

and demanded that kids turn off their phones and place them in the basket during class?

It seems to me that this would be a better plan, and might be accepted by kids as well, since the phones would be given back when class was over.

I can understand that a phone might be necessary in case of an emergency, but do students have the right to walk around totally oblivious to the purpose of school??

...eight -- possibly nine -- dams have failed so far..

I hope none of our DUers are in danger down there..So incredibly sad


(CNN)The rains may have stopped in South Carolina, but the danger and the work to rebuild are far from over.

"I believe that things will get worse before they get better," Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin told reporters Monday.


Nine people are known dead in the state due to weather-related incidents, according to South Carolina Department of Public Safety Director Leroy Smith. Five drowned after trying to drive through floodwaters. Four others died in traffic accidents, he said. One of the deaths was a state transportation employee. Timothy Wayne Gibson, 45, died Sunday in floodwaters while overseeing work in Columbia, the South Carolina Department of Transportation said.

In North Carolina, a passenger in a car died when a tree fell onto Interstate 95, according to authorities.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley warned there could be other deaths.

According to Thom Berry, a spokesman with the South Carolina Emergency Management Division, eight -- possibly nine -- dams have failed so far.

"We have several others that are in the process of being over-topped," he said.

Haley said more evacuations are likely as floodwaters rise in spots, and authorities warned of the danger of roads that look OK on the surface but that may have been undermined by raging waters.
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