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2015ís Best News Bloopers


some of these are hilarious

Feds, deputies step up search for Waller sheriff's stolen guns...(oopsie!)


Waller County Sheriff R. Glenn Smith is under fire for driving with so many firearms and for driving 30 minutes back to his office before reporting the theft.

Federal and local law enforcement investigators are aggressively searching for an arsenal of guns taken from the official truck of the Waller County sheriff earlier this month. "It's a pretty rare event" when such an arsenal of weapons is stolen from law enforcement, said Gary Orchowski, assistant special agent for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Houston. "Somebody must be feeling pretty brave to break into a marked truck like that."

The federal agency is working with sheriff's investigators from Harris and Waller counties to track down any leads.
But Waller County Sheriff R. Glenn Smith said, "I would not call any of these leads hot." He noted that the video surveillance cameras in the parking lot of the Katy-area restaurant where the truck burglary occurred were broken.

Smith was attending a holiday luncheon on Dec. 5 when thieves absconded with a lethal cache of weapons, including an HK UMP 45 submachine gun that is fully automatic and can fire 600 rounds a minute. They also snared a 300 Blackout rifle, another version of the AR-15 semi-automatic used in last week's San Bernardino, Calif., massacre, and six other handguns. Two guns were also taken from a county commissioner's vehicle in the same lot.Smith has been criticized for driving around with so many guns and for driving back to Waller County rather than reporting the crime once he realized his truck had been broken into and the guns were gone. Smith said he thought it was important to get the serial numbers for the weapons and enter them into a national database.


(Google this nutcase...he's involved in the Sandra Bland case and other casss)

The GOP should be THANKING Trump

Their "message" has been bastardized since Nixon .

It's morphed into a gigantic monster that is totally uncontrollable now .

For several cycles now, they have had to jump through flaming hoops to keep their variety of loonies in line, but Trump's Pied Piper routine has coalesced most of them into his freak show tent.

If they ever plan to be a viable REAL party, now would be a great time to revamp the plan into something that could work again.

I think their ideas stink, but I am a democrat.

The attic has been stuffed with all their crazies for decades now, and Trump has blown the lock off, and we can all see them now..all the time..

it's high time for the powers (if there are any left) to wrest control back and throw a those rusty dog whistles away. The 20-teens are the era of the bullhorn.

Trump is doing them a favor

Climate change is the cancer that will kill you,

Terrorism is the acute appendicitis that occurs while you are pondering your cancer treatment plan.

Who else remembers when the Catholics were "radicalized"?

They set off bombs all over the place and lots of people were scared/injured/killed..

Did the UK ban Catholicism?

Were they furious at the US (many politicians) for supporting the Catholic terrorism?

Radicalism /fanaticism in religion is nothing new and only time " cures" the problem

If his first name had been Rasheed, instead of Robert

the news would be covering the Co Springs story in a very different way.

Most of what I've heard so far is stuff like:

"We'll have to wait & see what his motive may have been"
"We cannot jump to the terrorist angle until we have details"
"He obviously has mental issues"

etc etc..

They are falling all over themselves to NOT call him what he is..
Some have even laid the path with comments like "he didn't even have electricity" (so he couldn't have been egged on by tv commentators/politicians)

He is a Right Wing terrorist , just the same as the KKKers, the Obama-haters who strap on guns to intimidate people

Richard Lui (on UP) did not even really cover this story on Saturday until the 2nd hour..after the weather.. and before they covered it much, he ended the discussion.

CNN delicately broached the terrorist angle..but then dropped it.

Armed gunmen attack Radisson Blu Hotel In Mali (3 desd so far)

Right now, they do not know how many.. US embassy tells Americans to stay home..indoors..

There are 170 people inside the hotel..

CNN has the best current coverage so far

Thieving beagle repents

This little video will bring a smile to you


What I would do, if I were President Obama (when term is over)

I would make a BUNCH of expensive speeches...

Fatten up the family coffers

Write a REAL tell-all about exactly how it felt to be thwarted/disrespected/doubted/criticized from Day-One minus 50

Buy myself a gorgeous beachfront place in Bermuda..

Play golf..swim..

and give the USA a big F-U

Meet the GOP candidates

found this at TPM

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