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Is every child fathered abroad by US servicemen, eligible to be president?

Or does the child have to exit a US citizen woman to become eligible?
Obama's father was foreign (BUT, Obama was born a US citizen because Hawaii is a state)

Cruz' Dad was Cuban..Mom American..& he was born in Canada..

If Cruz' MOTHER had been a Vietnamese woman, impregnated by a US soldier, would he still be eligible?

Canada v Vietnam...just different spots on a map

Here's a hypothetical

John & Susan Smith both work for an oil company.

John was born in Nebraska
Susan was born in South Dakota

While they live abroad , they have children..all born in ..let's say Saudi Arabia (just for fun)

The parents love the money they make there, so they stay..

Their kids go to school there..socialize there and all speak fluent Arabic

After the kids graduate, they go to the US for college

One son is interested in politics..

Is he sufficiently "natural-born American" for most republicans?

Or, would he be suspect for speaking fluent Arabic?

Would his childhood friendships be suspect?... What if a childhood friend of his went on to be a terror-suspect?

Could he be required to have a DNA test to prove that his American born father was "really" his Daddy?

As we are a more global society these days, there really needs to be once and for all clarification of just what IS a natural-born American.

No American who lives abroad ever really thinks that their in-utero child may someday have citizenship questions, but there are LOTS of babies being born in places where their parent now work (that are NOT their native lands).

Moms no longer sell candy at the Sears candy counter, while Dad works at the car dealership right down the street from their house.

This "question" will come up a lot as more and more people work and live abroad.

When the constitution was written, the fear was that some child of a lord would show up and wrangle the presidency away to reinstate British rule.. The reason for "natural born" being in the law, was to make sure that NO ONE BORN IN ANY FOREIGN COUNTRY could ever ascend to the top spot.

Every time the issue has arisen, it's been a non issue because the person either did not even participate in a primary (Romney), or was born on US soil abroad (McCain), or soil that later became US soil (Goldwater).

Surely, SCOTUS can spare a few minutes to rule on this for the future..

Dudes...the word is pronounced pres-i-dent..

It's NOT prezzzzzz

I am so annoyed when the candidates cannot seem to articulate the whole word...

More often than not, they all seem to say "when I am prezzz of the united states" or the "prezz" said this or that"..

Maybe the First Lady can call him "prezzz", but it seems to me that if you are auditioning /applying for the job you should at least say the word..

...end rant...

No grand jury necessary, folks..

Just the basics:

1. If you are male (sometimes female as well), and not white

2. If you are over 4 ft tall (not always)

3. If you have something in your hands

4. If you have a coat on (or have clothing on)

5. If you have hands that MAY "reach for something" (like a drivers' license/ID you are asked to produce)

6. If you dare to question the reason for your stop

7. If you are deemed to have a "bad attitude"

8. If you have on a hoody that may hide ear phones (that may make you unable to hear a direction given you)

9. If you have on a hoody

10. If you are having the worst day of your life and you are upset


A scaredy-cat cop "may" be "justified" in shooting you several times

If you have ever ordered from Chefs.com., you are almost out of time

Target bought them (and cooking.com) back in 2013, and is now closing both of them.. There are terrific sales, although the website is hard to get onto and even harder to keep from being bumped off.. I managed to snag some fantastic deals, by logging on at 2 AM (PST) last night.

Apparently Target's bogus claim that by acquiring these two venues, they would broaden their base, and grab the more affluent shoppers who may not have wanted Target quality kitchen items, was just a cleverly disguised way to eliminate the competition..

They set high goals for performance and once the online places had to charge sales tax (because target is everywhere in brick & mortar) the sales dropped off..and now Target has eliminated both of them

They have great quality knives & small appliances, pots and pans and many great little gadgets

I managed to spend about $650...some for me and some for gifts


After 36 years, Colorado Springs-based Chefs Catalog will shut down in early 2016.

The decision was made by Target, which acquired the upscale cooking equipment retailer and Cooking.com — another company it will close — in 2013. About 180 workers in Colorado and California will lose their jobs.

"As part of Target's ongoing efforts to transform our business and put us on a clear path to sustained growth, we continually evaluate our work to ensure it best meets the needs of our guests," said Molly Snyder, a Target spokeswoman. "This sometimes means taking a hard look at aspects of our business that may no longer align with the company's direction."...

She said buying the cooking-related companies helped Target build its recipe portal and analyze how customers responded to different brands. "Target's digital business has strengthened and grown, but as the company's priorities evolved, Chefs Catalog and Cooking.com no longer aligned with the broader strategy," she said. "Additionally, the results of these businesses did not meet our expectations." Chefs Catalog will continue to sell cookware, cutlery and other kitchen tools online through the holidays. The business will wind down early next year, she said.

Whew!..Bad weather has apparently been put on hold until 2AM (PST)

The [strike]sort of[/strike] Weather Channel is back to their "regularly scheduled programming"..Highway Thru Hell & Prospectors


We have switched over to Weather Nation

My friend has a 10 yr old grandson

At the Christmas festivities, the talk turned to the kids..

It's been a tough couple of years for her grandson.. He weathered his 1st relapse of leukemia (he was first diagnosed at age 4).

He went into remission a few months into treatment back then, but it came back..He's in remission again but this time he is older and knows more about the disease..

Anyway someone started a round of kid questions, and misty eyes soon happened..

He was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up.. His answer.. a grandpa..

Sorry, WaPo, Ann Telnaes was correct

from wikipedia

The grinder would crank the organ in any public place (either a business district or in a neighborhood), moving from place to place after collecting a few coins or in order to avoid being arrested for loitering or chased by persons who would not appreciate hearing his single tune over and over again. The grinder would often have as a companion a white-headed capuchin monkey, tethered to a string, to do tricks and attract attention,[4][9] as well as the important task of collecting money from passers-by.

Ted Cruz WAS "using" his darling little daughters in a highly political ad...shame on HIM..and his wife for allowing it.

The little tableau he set up would have been perfect if he had used it to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but he chose to use the set up for a snarky/misleading/inaccurate ad. He used them just as an organ grinder would have used his capuchins ..all that was missing was the tin cups in their hands.

Morning Joe cleverly showed a commercial with Obamq and family (to prove that HE did the SAME thing.. Not so. The Obama ad was a BIO ad, where Michelle voiced over the ad showing what a good Daddy he was...a family man. There was no snark..nothing political about the actual ad..

WaPo pulling the ad was wrong.

....the cartoon....

Obama is.......

this from my son's funny file on facebook...enjoy

Ashton Carter Used Personal Email Account For Official Work


Defense Secretary Ashton Carter used his personal email account for at least two months to send work-related emails, a practice that violates the rules of the Department of Defense, the New York Times reported. The revelations follow a similar controversy involving Hillary Clinton when she was the secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. The Times report cited White House and Department of Defense officials, as well as copies of Carter’s emails obtained by it. It was not clear when Carter stopped using his personal email account, but White House chief of staff Denis R. McDonough got to know about Carter's practice in May, an official told the Times. McDonough then asked White House Counsel’s Office to get in touch with the Defense Department to question Carter’s move.

“After reviewing his email practices earlier this year, the secretary believes that his previous, occasional use of personal email for work-related business, even for routine administrative issues and backed up to his official account, was a mistake,” Peter Cook, a spokesman for Carter told the Times, adding: “As a result, he stopped such use of his personal email and further limited his use of email altogether.” It was not clear how many emails Carter sent or received, but the revelation about another top government official using personal email may lead to further attacks from the Republicans, who could question the lax safeguards on sensitive government information following Clinton's email scandal.

The Times filed a Freedom of Information Act in September to gather details on all the emails Carter sent or received from his personal account. The Defense Department released 72 official emails in November that were sent or received by Carter. The emails also showed that he was sending and receiving mails from his Chief of Staff at the time, Eric Fanning, and other top government officials on their official email addresses. According to the Times report, all government officials occasionally use their personal emails for work, but Carter used his personal account to email his close aides about a variety of work, including speeches, meetings and news media appearances. One such email, cited by the Times, showed Carter discussing how he accidentally placed a notecard in a “burn bag,” which is used to destroy classified information.

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