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I think it's time to severely limit absentee ballot voting


people in a care facility (long term rehab center/nursing home)

people with a valid medical reason (accompanied by a real note from a doctor..and then verified by registrar)


That should be IT...

The military ballots should be collected at the base and then ALL submitted so that they arrive BEFORE election day.

In fact ALL absentee ballots should be MAILED and delivered by USPS BEFORE election day.

Instead of anyone asking for and getting an absentee ballot...ALL states should have EARLY voting for the entire month of OCTOBER (or perhaps a different month if it's a special election in a different month)

Republicans have always led in absentee balloting (don't want to rub shoulders with election day riff-raff?)

If dems who now are in charge anywhere do not fix this problem, we truly are doomed to second class citizenship for a long time.

Republicans in charge exploit any and every opportunity to limit voters to only their favorites.

They purge indiscriminately, they move polling places, they make up phony rules for IDs, they intimidate voters, they lie about "voter fraud" when the real thing is GOP ELECTION FRAUD, they gerrymander relentlessly, they "accidentally" put wrong dates/times/locations ...and any other devious scheme they can come up with..

Nice hair, Dude..

MIssissippi is NOT Alabama

Alabama DID select a democrat, BUT the candidate was still a white man..

They had a white man (Moore) who was basically an admitted pedophile... and "the other guy"

Jones was not running for a full 6 yr term, so it was easier for republicans to support him, knowing that in a few years, they would/could remove him..

Had Jones been a black man, Moore would have won.


The "south" is still the south

Do voter purges affect white voters??? probably not so much.

Young black men rarely make it to adulthood without police contact that can render them voteless..

Secretaries of state/governors/state legislators tend to be republican

Republican vote-meisters are not even trying to be deceptive these days.. We learned that waaaaay back in (Florida) and just before the 2000 election..

Got a "non-Amuuricun" sounding name ? you're off the rolls... Cuban names were probably safe, since back then they still voted republican, but first names of non white constituents are pretty easy to flag for "disposal"...especially if they are registered as democrats..

What's even scarier now is that Trump has dragged all the closeted racists down from the attic and has placed them front & center...bellowing their nonsense loud and proud

I need help...

My sons want to get me a "cleaning lady"..

Since I am alone now, and hate to clean I am ok with the idea, but I don't want to use a "service" that I pay big bucks for and the actual cleaner gets a pittance..

Anyone here have hired help?? Is $15 an hour an okay wage? How do I handle the FICA thing?

I only need someone to clean one bathroom (No one uses the other 4)

Only vacuum in two rooms

light mopping kitchen,den,hallways, dining room

Three guest rooms are rarely used so they remain closed up..

minor dusting..

I think 2-3 hours every other week should do the trick..

Should I use Craig's list or run an ad??

I have asked around, but since we were new to WA, I don;t know that many people...

It's hard to believe that my husband died a month ago already.. He used to help a lot.. Ever since I had my 2 strokes in 2014, I still get a little light-headed bending down, so he did the "low stuff"..

I had to call the trash company to figure out which can was recycle and which was trash.. Never needed to know before..

Sigrid Johnson Was Black. A DNA Test Said She Wasn't.

This is such a cool story..How an only child found a family after age 65


The surge in popularity of services like 23andMe and Ancestry means that more and more people are unearthing long-buried connections and surprises in their ancestry.

By Ruth Padawer
Nov. 19, 2018

Three years ago, when Sigrid E. Johnson was 62, she got a call from a researcher seeking volunteers for a study on DNA ancestry tests and ethnic identity. Johnson agreed to help.

After all, she and the researcher, Anita Foeman, had been pals for half a century, ever since they attended the same elementary school in their integrated Philadelphia neighborhood, where they and other black children were mostly protected from the racism beyond its borders.


Johnsonís father, a chauffeur who later became a superintendent at a housing project in North Philadelphia, had a golden-brown complexion. Her mother, who said her own father was a white Brit and her mother was half African-American and half Native American, was light-skinned. People sometimes mistook Johnsonís mother for white, and when she applied for seamstress jobs at department stores in the 1920s and í30s, she chose not to correct them.


All Trumpie needed

I'm sure someone would have put MAGA on it for him

Pittsburgh, if you are listening...

SHUN THE BASTARD....lock the synagogue doors and don't let him in

no press....no questions..no nothing..

Let the MAGA buffoons show up...but no one else..no protests (he LOVES that)

48 years. 9 months...and now I am a widow

Tues at 2:40 AM my husband woke up with his arm "not feeling connected"..He was fully lucid, able to speak, walk and even move his left arm/hand.. I knew this was probably a stroke, so off we went to the ER.. Got there in less than 5 minutes..

Over the next few hours the symptoms lessened, the scans & tests were ok,,and by noon, we were discussing rehab with the therapist..My husband was pissed that he could not put on his own sock, but was determined to get it all back with therapy..

It was diagnosed a mild ischemic stroke.

We had dodged a bullet....or so we thought

He ordered a hospital lunch, dinner & breakfast, and we were expecting a mid-morning Wednesday release..

He told me to go home & get a rest...

3 hours later a neurologist called and said he had just had a massive bleed in the brain and was being transferred to a more specialized center..

Our two Calif sons were already enroute even though they were expecting something minor, and our Seattle son headed here to drive me to wherever they were transferring Dad.

We ended up at a great facility in Vancouver WA, but nothing anyone could do would reverse the damage..

He struggled valiantly, but died Friday..We were there and he did know it, even though he could not speak.. His right side was not affected and he squeezed our hands and used a thumbs-up..

Both of his parents died from strokes, so I know he would not have wanted to live like they did after their strokes.

It still hurts to not have him here..

Here's a pic of us when we were new & pretty..

Has anyone heard how much the "Magical Mayhem Tour" is costing taxpayers?

Every sitting president campaigns, but most of them have had the good sense to announce upfront that their party is footing at least part of the cost.....and then they also try to do some legitimate "president-ish" stuff to justify the trip..

El Buffoono"s cartoonish, fact-free frenzy has to be costing a fortune .

They could put a cardboard cutout, a kid shooting MAGA hats from a tee short cannon, and a tape recording on the stage since he says & does the same shtick every time

Kavanaugh's daughter is just 2 short years away

from being "fair game" for boys like HE was..

There might be some interesting conversations going on between his wife (who probably never knew) and her girls..

Her pained expression told me that she HAS seen that anger & that twisted demonic facial expression before.

No doubt she's in it for the long haul, but google will never "be their friend" and those girls will end up knowing more about Dear Ole Dad than he ever wanted them to know..

I hope he's happy with his big adventure

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