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Stress-free Olympics for Americans


They announce the winners as soon as medals are won, they tell about the athletes briefly and show Getty photos of the event

No hacked up coverage...no smaltzy Up Close & Personal droning on and on and on from Costas, Viera, & Lauer..

Whew!.. MSNBC "recovers" its coverage

Prison TV is in full-feather at the peacock channel.

Too bad there's nothing going on that they could show excerpts from

(I know there are other NBC channels covering the Olympics)..

It just struck me as odd , that they could preempt politics so easily , mid-campaign, and yet prison TV is sacrosanct

I see London-I see France

-Mittens crapped his magic underpants

Voter registration simplified (going forward)

Surely a computer program could be (should be?) designed that automatically registers all school children at age 18. They would be registered as independent, and their registrations would be "validated" when they vote for the first time.

Perhaps an ID (sans photo) could be included with their graduation documents.. It would remind them that before they vote, they would need to get one with a photo or be provided with a list of photo IDs that are acceptable at the polling places.

The info below is from Manatee FL. The fact that they are IN school proves that they showed a valid certified birth certificate that proves they were born here (of course students who were NOT born here would NOT be automatically registered)

Perhaps part of college entry could also be automatic voter registration as well, since a birth certificate is also part of that process too.

Child sports programs that are divided by age groups also insist on certified birth certificates, so most kids who play soccer, baseball, hockey, football, etc are used to having to have the BC readily available.

Birth certificates are also required (and have been for a long time) when you marry, or get a drivers' license.

States should be REQUIRED to "e-verify" a certificate on-file, so that people do not have to waste time & money scrounging for their records so they can vote.

Automatic registration at graduation, naturalization, perhaps even at birth (not valid until age 18) should be the NORM.

Let the party affiliation stuff start AFTER one votes in a primary for the first time.

The aged among us are eventually not going to be a factor, because by the 1950's, MOST people were born in hospitals.

People who HAVE been voting should be grandfathered-in, because to suddenly deny them the vote after having voted previously, is tantamount to accusing them of retroactive voter fraud....but going forward, voting eligibility is not hard to establish at the Department of Vital Statistics Department of ANY state. Our taxes pay to establish and support those departments, and we should not have to "pay extra" for data on us that we have already paid for...data that is routinely held in infinitely searchable databases...in seconds.

Obviously, some people will never vote, and others may "lose" their rights due to committing a crime, but once again, computers make this very easy to deal with as well.. Upon completion of parole,probation, rights should ALWAYS return (unless the crime was election fraud).

Most databases can support multiple filters such as active/inactive/deceased etc.

Vital statistics departments could easily strike a name from the list as soon as the SS# is tied to a death certificate. People with similar/same names would NEVER have the same SS#. We all have read the part of our SS number that says "Not to be used for purposes of identification", but that ship sailed long ago, since it IS a form of identification, and has routinely been required to be used as such.

Children under 18 must have a parent or guardian present at registration. Students who are 18 must have proof of their age.

A certified birth certificate.

Proof of a physical examination dated within the preceding 12 months, if entering a Florida school for the first time.
(Must have at time of registration, no waivers)

A social security number is requested (not required).

Have one of the following:
A). Current electric or water bill - section with the address and name of parent/legal guardian as receiving the service.
(No other type of bill is acceptable.)
B). Current lease agreement with parent legal guardian's name.
C). Official letter from company that is providing housing with name of parent/legal guardian.


When "businessmen" run for the presidency, we should run away from them.

A country is NOT a business.

Successful businessmen are usually comfortable with cutting losses.

They think in terms of quarterly gains, profit-loss accounting.

The common-good is not of much concern to most successful businessmen.

Money,the pursuit of it, and the retention of it, is their goal..Their ONLY goal.

What WOULD Romney do [strike]to[/strike] for the impoverished states?...Sell them?..Lay off the inhabitants? Self-deportation help for them to go back to their ancestral homelands of their great-grandparents?

Do the poor folks in those states really think that a republican businessman will have their best interests at heart.Think back to what the last Republican president did for them.

Successful businessmen do not "throw good money after bad". They cut their losses and let the chips fall where they may, without much (if any) thoughts of the futures of the people who get whacked in the process.

Meet the biometric shoe.


New lab working on security shoe sole to ID people, experts say it raises privacy questions

By Associated Press, Updated: Saturday, July 21, 10:18 AM

PITTSBURGH — High-tech security? Forget those irksome digital eye scans. Meet the biometric shoe.

A new lab is working to perfect special shoe insoles that can help monitor access to high-security areas, like nuclear power plants or special military bases.

Associated Press JUL 20

The concept is based on research that shows each person has unique feet, and ways of walking. Sensors in the bio-soles check the pressure of feet, monitor gait, and use a microcomputer to compare the patterns to a master file for that person. If the patterns match the bio-soles go to sleep. If they don’t, a wireless alarm message can go out.

“It’s part of a shoe that you don’t have to think about,” said Marios Savvides, head of Carnegie Mellon University’s new Pedo-Biometrics Lab, in Pittsburgh.

The lab, which has $1.5 million in startup funding, is a partnership with Autonomous ID, a Canadian company that is relocating to several U.S. cities. Todd Gray, the company president, said he saw the potential when his daughter was in a maternity ward decorated with representations of different baby feet all along a wall.

Autonomous ID has been working on prototypes since 2009, with the goal of making a relatively low cost ID system. Gray said they’ve already run tests on sample bio-soles, which are no thicker than a common foot pad sold in pharmacies, and achieved an accuracy rate of more than 99 percent. He said Carnegie Mellon will broaden the tests to include “a full spectrum of society: big, tall, thin, heavy, athletic, multicultural, on a diet, twins and so on.”


Take a break from evil.. Change your desktop photo

So many glorious ones here

Take a break from ugly..look at the lovely for a while


More photo contests from NatGeo

If ODD is your thing, check out the electron microscope pics..


Everything Americans Dislike About the Internet, in One Chart*


Jul 19 2012, 3:48 PM ET 34

*Charts are not one of the things Americans dislike about the Internet.

There is much to love about the Internet. But there is much, as well, to dislike -- and/or to be annoyed by, and/or to resent, and/or to mistrust. In late June, the Q&A community Mancx decided to put numbers to those Internet-borne vexations. The firm conducted a survey of 1,900 American adults -- adults who self-identified, it's worth noting, as people who specifically search for information on the Internet. A group full of shoppers and cat-picture-seekers might have yielded different results.

Per Mancx's numbers, however, the Internet as an information source leaves a lot to be desired. A whopping 98 percent of respondents don't fully trust the information available on it. Which is a good thing, overall -- skepticism! -- except that 94 percent of respondents also noted the many negative effects that the Internet's bad intel can have. They also noted the potential to get a computer virus from Internet wanderings (63 percent), the multiplicity of ads they were forced to encounter (59 percent), the information that was bad specifically because it was outdated (56 percent), the information that was bad specifically because it was self-promotional (53 percent), the encountering of unfamiliar forums and spaces (45 percent), the potential to damage one's reputation via those forums and spaces (36 percent), the potential to get fired because of Internet-based tools (14 percent), and the compromise the Internet can pose to marriages and other relationships (9 percent).


Please send boat to rescue rescue-boat

Bad to worse..


Ooops! Double trouble for sailors as their boat gets caught on rocks… then vessel sent to rescue them is stranded too

By David Wilkes

PUBLISHED: 07:42 EST, 20 July 2012 | UPDATED: 08:53 EST, 21 July 2012

ween a rock and a hard place: A North Star Shipping rescue boat, left, went to the rescue of the company's rib Grampian Talisman, right, but both ended up stranded on the rocks in Aberdeen bay

As if one rescue boat running aground wasn't embarrassing enough, this was the moment when a crew sent to its aid ended up on the rocks too.

The first vessel drifted into difficulties after its engine cut out during a training exercise.

But the fast rescue boat that went to help was also left high and dry when stormy seas forced it on to the rocks just feet away.

"Surprise" landing...large plane..small airport

Cause of surprise landing at Davis Islands airport unclear

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Cause of surprise landing at Davis Islands airport unclear
Video Photos

Air Force jet lands at wrong airport - Fri, 07/20


By HOWARD ALTMAN | The Tampa Tribune
Published: July 20, 2012
Updated: July 20, 2012 - 8:49 PM
» Comments | Post a Comment

Update: The plane took off from Peter O. Knight Airport about 8:30 p.m. Stay with TBO.com for updates.


Air Force officials are trying to figure out why an Air Force C-17 Globemaster III cargo jet heading to MacDill Air Force Base instead landed at Peter O. Knight Airport this afternoon. The plane, flown by a crew from the 305th Air Mobility Wing at McGuire Air Force Basee in New Jersey, was arriving from Southwest Asia carrying 23 passengers and 19 crew when it made an "unscheduled landing," according to Sgt David Carbajal, a McGuire spokesman. There appears to have been no damage to the aircraft or the airport, said Carbajal. Air Force officials still do not know why the plane landed at the small civilian airfield on Davis Islands. The incident, said Carbajal, is under investigation.

The main runway at Peter O. Knight is 3,580 feet long and 100 feet wide, aligned in the same direction as MacDill's runway that is 11,421 feet long and 151 feet wide.


Ryan Gucwa, a pilot, was getting ready to get in his Piper Navajo and take off from the airport when he looked up and saw "this huge C-17 coming in over the top of the shipping port." Seeing military airplanes over Peter O. Knight was not unusual, Gucwa said, but "this was only 100 feet off the ground and that is bizarre. Once the wheels touched the ground, I was terrified that there was no way to stop in time."

The nose landing gear of the cargo jet stopped about six to 10 feet from the end of the runway, said Gucwa, who took cell phone video of the landing.

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