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Are sequestered jurors stripped of their smart phones?

If they have private rooms and smart phones, it's hard for me to believe that they would not find out things they should not have access to.

In this day and age , it would seem prudent .

Sequestration is all about "no outside info"..

The recent SCOTUS decision on DNA might help with the military rape issue

(at least stateside)

Here's how:

servicewoman gets raped by a fellow soldier.

SHE "takes it outside" by going to the police/hospital in whatever community she lives in.

According to the hearings I watched, for most women who report within the military, their careers are pretty much over anyway, so if that's a given, and they fear that rape kits might not be done at the base hospital (or they will be "lost", why NOT take a stand and go out side where the man will be charged and arrested (and now DNA taken automatically).

Once a dozen or so women take this approach, the military might tire of seeing front page headlines about WHY women choose this way. Perhaps after mugshots & details of their best & brightest start appearing in local news, they will change their approach.

If the senate version of the bill they are negotiating includes a non-retaliation section, maybe this is another arrow in the women's quiver.

Can't we all just assume that professional sports is rife with drugs, and just be done with it?

Just put disclaimers on the programs and stop honoring these guys with Hall of Fame stuff.

Cut out all the senate hearings..

Arrest them when possible, and just move on already.

They are GROWN UPS who just want to cheat. Let the players police each other..

Put disclaimers out & let them ruin their health if they choose to.

If people want to go watch drug addicts play games & rake in bazillions of dollars, that's their prerogative.

Why Obama "wins" when Issa is his adversary.

Ordinary people see Issa as a weasely guy...waaay too eager to slime anyone who disagrees with him.

Ordinary people who "know" about Issa, have NO love or respect for car thieves or arsonists. They can easily understand those crimes. Probably everyone in American has had something stolen from them or knows someone who has. Many have survived fires or know someone who has.

The esoteric nonsense of his hearings is lost on most people who already dislike the IRS, who understand that foreign service in a dangerous country is ...well.. dangerous, and who can figure out the fact that the 501's are usually formed for political reasons, and should probably NOT be tax exempt, no matter the party affiliation.

They see most congressional hearings as little more than a bluster-fest where each party just trash-talks their opponents and wastes time that should be spent fixing the real problems we all have.

We Californians know Issa for the blubbery buffoon he is. No doubt the Bush admin coerced him to take down our governor over damage done TO us, by Enron et al. Issa knew in his bones that HE would be the candidate, but all he was, was the opening act for Arnold who would swoop in at the 11th hour & take it all away from him.. Issa was a bad guy then, and he still is....just a more determined, more petty and more vindictive one these days.

Issa is the ultimate republican. He has NO interest in legislating.. He sees majority rule by republicans as an opportunity to hold bullshit hearings, so he can rant & rave and fling mud on democrats...and of course waste time..

Research your legislators' expenditures here (database) includes payments to family members


Christie already knows who will replace Lautenberg

Any governor with an 89 yr old senator has a plan.

It will be someone who will help Christie...and someone who can challenge Booker.

It will probably be a black moderate republican...perhaps a woman

Hitler Tea-kettle is a H I T

on ebay..

the link is to the SOLD teapots.. There are many more for sale.. By making a big deal out of it, many people bought out what was available & are making more money than Penneys would probably have made from a teapot that would probably have been put on sale for half price at some point & may have ended up at Big Lots, like many overpriced utilitarian objects do.


edited: kettle met pot

AMERICAN POLITICAL FILMS: 1968-1980 (Very interesting dissertation I found)


I remember seeing most of these films when I was young.. This is when the current republican movement was spawned..
I hope this guy got a good response..


Curious Boy Finds $10,000 in Kansas City Hotel Room

June 1, 2013

A curious 10-year-old boy rummaging through the drawers of his family's Kansas City hotel room came across a stash of $10,000, and he and his father turned it over to police. It's not clear when -- or if -- they will get the money back. Tyler Schaefer, 10, and his dad Cody were staying at the Hilton Airport Hotel in Kansas City last Saturday when the boy did his usual searching through closets and drawers. "He's one of those kids that likes to look for stuff," Cody Schaefer told ABC News affiliate KMBC.

Tyler hit the jackpot when he found the cash, but didn't get to keep it for long. His father turned the money over to two policemen who were at the hotel. The police were just as shocked as the Schaefer family that such a large sum of money was lying in a hotel room. But they were also suspicious that no one has come forward to claim the money.

"Generally if someone was missing $10,000 someone would call back, but no one has called back," Capt. Tye Grant of the Kansas City Police Department told ABC News. "Wouldn't you think if you lost $10,000 you would get it back?" The manager of the Hilton Airport Hotel refused to comment. The Schaefers may eventually get the money, but it will be 19 months before they can be sure the money is theirs. Under Missouri law, the Schaefers must file an affidavit within 10 days stating where and when they found the $10,000. A judge will confirm the value of the money, and send a copy to the clerk of the county commission.


Cody Schaefer does not seem bothered by the fact that he and his family may not receive the money, nor does he regret the decision to hand the money over to the police. "We didn't have the money when we got there, so it doesn't change much," Schaefer told KMBC.
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