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Ted looks in the mirror & ignores the evil looking back at him

Occasionally republicans figure things out when something they have previously been adamantly against, hits them or their family personally. A senator/congressman who has had no problems voting against stem cell research (for instance) suddenly changes his mind when a beloved grandchild comes down with a deadly disease, or if a legislator's child comes out to them, they may soften their resistance to gay-friendly legislation.

Ted Cruz's own history "should" make him amenable to immigration legislation, but apparently he prefers to climb the ladder and then saw the rungs as he climbs.

From his own mouth came these words:

quote: "When my Dad came to Austin in 1957, as a teenage immigrant from Cuba bound for the University of Texas, he spoke no English and had $100 sewn into his underwear. He worked his way through school as a dishwasher making 50 cents an hour, just as my Mom – the first person in her family ever to go to college – earned her math degree at Rice in the 1950s, working summers at Foley’s and Shell."

It's telling that a person like him could say such a thing, and NOT notice the many "issues" of today:

1) working one's way through COLLEGE on 50cents an hour job
2) being granted instant citizenship once on US soil
3) arriving with little money and not speaking the language and then rising into middle class, with a college degree, family and a good job
4)He (ONE generation away), rises to a very lofty position

ALL of these things were possible ONLY because:
.....college used to be affordable
.....the US WELCOMED his father and gave him opportunity
.....his father did not have to hide in the shadows, fearful of deportation 24/7/365

Ted got a fancy education and loads of opportunity, but he has no soul....no empathy.

West explosion shows self-policing fails (from Dallas News)


Plumes of smoke from a burning chemical plant fill the sky as emergency workers form a roadblock west of Bryan, Texas on Thursday, July 30, 2009. Officials evacuated much of Brazos County to the north and west of Bryan because the El Dorado Chemical Co. plant contained explosive ammonium nitrate.

published: 16 June 2013 11:07 PM

Updated: 16 June 2013 11:07 PM

Sometimes, a voluntary best-practices approach to industry self-regulation works best to raise standards and minimize government intrusion. But when some operators choose to ignore voluntary standards, disaster can result. When it happens again and again, that’s when state and federal lawmakers should step in. The April 17 explosion in West is an excellent example of how badly things can go wrong when industry self-policing fails. West Fertilizer Co. was among dozens of facilities around Texas storing thousands of pounds of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, a compound that becomes explosive at high temperatures. West Fertilizer didn’t follow industry best practices by keeping its ammonium nitrate away from combustible materials, such as wooden storage facilities.


Investigators in West aren’t sure what caused the April 17 fire and explosion, which killed 15 people and damaged hundreds of structures. Experts say the burning wood structure may have collapsed on top of about 30 tons of ammonium nitrate, prompting the explosion. Seeds were stored in the same building, along with an old golf cart.

West Fertilizer’s owners did not heed the warning signs from the Bryan fire, and officials in West, surrounding McLennan County and state regulatory agencies also appear not to have recognized the dangers. Today, because of West, towns across the state are conducting reviews that should have happened long ago. West Fertilizer and El Dorado are far from alone in wagering that a few dollars saved now outweighs the risk of a big fire and even bigger explosion sometime in the future.

When industry self-policing fails repeatedly, lawmakers must take action and recognize the higher priority of protecting the public. If companies insist on using wooden warehouses, state law should severely limit how much ammonium nitrate they can store inside. Interim legislative committees should begin studying National Fire Protection Association standards for the safe handling and storage of ammonium nitrate, then turn the most important voluntary standards into mandatory ones. When private companies gamble with the lives and property of surrounding residents to reduce their own costs, they deserve to lose their self-policing privileges.


If there were no negative repercussions, Republicans would:

I'll start:

Ban women from the workplace except for:
1) cute nannies
2) housekeepers
3) nurses
4) elementary school teachers

..."arms raised, ...protesters lifted their middle fingers"... “G.W.: Puts ‘Moron’ in Morongo"


there are several videos too.. at the link

Written by
Colin Atagi
The Desert Sun

CABAZON — With their arms raised, dozens of protesters lifted their middle fingers toward the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa Thursday. Their gestures were aimed at the Cabazon casino’s top floor, where they said former President George W. Bush was staying. It was the culmination of an hourlong protest outside the hotel, where the Western Riverside Council of Governments held its annual general assembly meeting Thursday. Bush was the event’s keynote speaker. Coming from across the Inland Empire, the protesters — some 100 people from groups such as Occupy Coachella Valley, Occupy Riverside, Veterans for Peace, and ANSWER LA — expressed concerns about a variety of subjects frequently brought up during protests of the former president.


“It’s about remembering what’s in the past. ... He’ll definitely get the signal he’s not welcome when he’s here to speak,” she said of Bush.


Protesters held signs with a variety of messages, including “Arrest Bush for war crimes,” “Indict Bush now” and “G.W. Bush: Puts ‘Moron’ in Morongo.”


The event was closed to reporters and the general public, but it was to be attended by most of Riverside County’s elected leaders, including politicians from across the Coachella Valley. Bush was reportedly paid six figures to speak. Council executives did not respond to Desert Sun inquiries seeking additional details, including a copy of Bush’s contract.

Iran's election could get very interesting


Updated June 15, 2013, 6:21 a.m. ET

Rohani Leads in Early Iran Results


BEIRUT—Iran's preliminary election results show that the candidate backed by the opposition and reformist political factions, Hassan Rohani, is leading in polls by a landslide, giving a decisive victory to Iranians calling for change. Mr. Rohani has 51.76% of the estimated 12 million counted votes, with the second runner up, Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf, scoring only 15.78%, according to official preliminary results announced by the Interior Ministry. Iran analysts and media pundits say if Hassan Rohani, pictured above, wins with a large margin, it should serve as wake-up call for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his circle of conservative advisers.

Mr. Rohani needs 50% plus one vote to win the presidency and if early results are an indication, the election might not go to a runoff as predicted. Conservative candidates did poorly in vote counts so far, especially the candidates perceived to be the closest to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The current nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, ranked fourth and Ali Akbar Velayati, a former foreign minister, was fifth. Mohsen Rezaei, the former commander of the Revolutionary Guards, who made the economy his top campaign issue, ranked third. The votes for all three men are below 13% so far.

Iran analysts and media pundits say if Mr. Rohani wins with a large margin, it should serve as wake-up call for Mr. Khamenei and his circle of conservative advisers that their hard-line policies ranging from the standoff over the nuclear issue to the dire state of the economy have been rejected by the majority of the population. "Mr. Khamenei has to understand that his policies have failed. The people came out and voiced their protest in the most civil way and hopefully they will be heard," said Ali Mazrui, a former parliamentarian and member of the main reformist party, to BBC Persian on Saturday morning.

The government announced that 70% of the country's estimated 50 million voters had cast ballots at 60,000 polling stations across the nation. Overshadowing the election process for many voters were memories of the last presidential ballot in 2009, when large-scale unrest followed allegations that authorities had rigged the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


Stop saying the House of reps does nothing...

They cannot figure out how to get jobs for unemployed, or food for hungry but they can legislate camouflage


By David A. Fahrenthold, Updated: Friday, June 14, 2:35 PM E-mail the writer

The U.S. House approved a measure Friday that would require all branches of the military to share the same camouflage uniforms — instead of the 10 different camouflage patterns in use today. The measure, written by freshman Rep. William Enyart (D-Ill.), was passed as part of the broader National Defense Authorization Act, which sets the Pentagon’s budget. The measure passed by a vote of 315 to 108.

The U.S. military's changing camouflage

The proposal still needs to be approved by the Senate. But there have been some signals of support there.

On Thursday, for instance, the Senate’s Armed Services Committee approved its own version of the defense-authorization bill — with a new provision added, to require the services to move toward using a single camouflage uniform at some point in the future. That change was suggested by committee chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), a committee spokeswoman said.

In the House, Enyart’s provision would require all armed services to share the same camouflage uniform by October 2018. It would still allow for variations in that shared uniform, adapted to different environments such as woodlands and desert.


NYC actress uses $70 online searches to help police find suspect in her father’s 1986 killing


By Associated Press, Published: June 11 | Updated: Wednesday, June 12, 12:44 AM

NEW YORK — An aspiring actress has helped police track down a suspect in her father’s 1986 slaying.

Periodically, over the last few years, Joselyn Martinez would try to find information about the man accused of shooting and killing her father outside his restaurant on Nov. 22, 1986, when she was 9 years old. Beginning in 2006, she trolled Myspace and Facebook for information. In 2011, she wrote a letter to “America’s Most Wanted.” Through it all, she spent her own money, dishing out payments of $69.99 to various online search programs that turn up potential addresses and phone numbers for people.

And on Friday, her efforts were vindicated when police arrested Justo Santos on charges he murdered her father, Jose Martinez, outside his Dominican restaurant in the city’s Washington Heights neighborhood 27 years ago.

“It’s amazing,” Martinez, 36, said Tuesday. “I didn’t plan for this. It’s been surreal.”

Police said Santos, whose arrest in Miami was first reported by the Daily News, has made statements implicating himself in the killing. On Tuesday, Santos agreed to let police return him to New York later. He was in police custody Tuesday and wasn’t available for comment, and there was no information on whether he had an attorney. He has a Miami court date later this month.


Wow.. with two clicks, I got DU back

Well. a little typing and 2 clicks, that is..

After seeing so many threads about the same damned thing, I finally decided to watch the news, and to ignore all the bluster-iffic, hyperbolic stuff of late. The whole NSA stuff will sort itself out, as will the disposition of Snowden..

I went to my account and used the trash can.. "Snowden" and "NSA"..

what a difference..

I can catch up anytime I like, but for now, I am glad to not have to wade through 50 threads , all arguing about stuff we don;t know the half-of yet, and may never truly "know"..

New IMBD show list (with reviews & cancellation notices)


Wow ! In 1997 we only made it to "E" (hurricane-wise)


That year's season started June 30 & ended in September..

The link shows all of them.. 2005 will stand as a record year for a very long time (I hope)
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